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Parable of the Preacher's Wife by Marvin X, from the Wisdom of Plato Negro, Parables/fables

Parable of the Preacher's Wife

There was a preacher who had a most beautiful wife. She used to come pass Plato Negro's street academy on da corner of 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland. She was so beautiful Plato Negro had to stop teaching whenever she passed. Her skin was clean and glowing. Her clothes were of fine cloth. Her legs were well shaped, her shoes expensive.

At first she would take Plato's writings home to read. But she came one day to tell him she could not read anymore of his writings because they were not in accord with the Bible, specifically the King James version.

Plato Negro asked her if she knew the history of King James, that he was a pervert, murderer, robber, rapist who gave "his version" of God's word? How could such a devil have a version of God's word? Would you believe John Dillinger's version of the Bible? During the reign of King James kidnapped Africans arrived in North America by way of the Good Ship Jesus, captained by Sir John Hawkins, author of that Christian classic song Amazing Grace. Yes, along with John Hawkins, King James I was among the wretched gang of English slave traders.

The preacher's wife said she didn't care about King James, all she cared about was what Jesus said. How do you know what Jesus said, all you know is what somebody said Jesus said, and we know how people lie? The only time he wrote anything was on the sand. And we know what happens when the tide comes in.

Plato Negro was hurt when she refused to take anymore of his writings. He told her she was too beautiful to be so narrow minded, and that truth was in many books besides the Bible. Didn't Jesus say truth would set you free?

I am free, said the preacher's wife, Jesus set her free and she didn't need to read anything else.
Plato wanted to know how could she be so beautiful, yet so ignorant. She told him some of her history, that she had been a dope fiend on cocaine, had been tossed up by men in the dope house, but Jesus saved her.

You saved yourself, Plato Negro told her. We know God helps those who help themselves. If you take one step He will take ten. When you were ready to stop being a dope fiend, you stopped, Jesus had nothing to do with it! Plato sensed she was leaning on Jesus for a crutch, that there was something still in her soul that was not right and she had more healing to do.

But my husband is a preacher, she said. So what, Plato Negro replied? He has known many wicked preachers, so it was of no value that her husband was a preacher. Every tub must sit on its own bottom.

The preacher's wife was silent for a moment. She seemed to be considering his words. He told her there is only one truth and that if it was true for her, it was true for him. By degrees you shall come to see the truth of my words, he said.

The story of Jesus is a very ancient tale, told in many countries thousands of years before the birth of Jesus. We know at least sixteen crucified saviors, all had a virgin birth, stars were seen in the sky when they were born, wise men came to visit the baby savior who later taught but was eventually crucified, resurrected and ascended to heaven.

For a moment, Plato Negro saw a light flicker in the head of the preacher's wife. Beautiful woman, he said, go in the name of Jesus, if it is Him whom you serve. Just know there is one mind, one truth, one spiritual energy in the universe and we are all connected to that force, the just and the unjust.

She said goodbye and crossed the street. Plato said to himself, "Cute but psycho!"
--Marvin X

For more information on the Savior myth, see The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors by Kersey Graves; Anacalypsis, Godfrey Higgins; Man, God and Civilization by John G. Jackson;The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazer.

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