Monday, October 13, 2014

Photo Essay by Daniela Kantorová: 48th Annual Black Panther Party Reunion, West Oakland, October 12, 2014

 Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr.

Ras Ceylon, Fred Hampton, Jr. and MC She Cat
 Melvin Dixson and Marvin X

 Ras Ceylon, Gene Smith, Melvin Dixson and Marvin X

 Marvin X

 Marvin X speaking

 Melvin Dixson and Marvin X

Gene Smith, Melvin Dixson, Marvin X

It was an honor to do a solidarity statement tonight at the PrisonersOf ConscienceCommittee 48th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party. Very powerful learning from elders such as Melvin DicksonMarvin XBilal Ali and ChairmanFred Hampton Jr. provided an objective analysis as he hosted the event. All Power to the People! Free Leonard Peltier Free Em All! 

Editor note: Black Panther Party first female member Tarika Lewis spoke but declined to be photographed. She gave a detailed history of West Oakland leading to the birth of the BPP. 

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