Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Black Bird Speaks:

I don't know how Marvin X gets so much information--especially since he doesn't have a TV. For sure, knowing him, I don't need to watch CNN. He mostly stays at home but he knows everything going on in the world and comments on everything that is of interest to him.--Quitta, Berkeley CA

I read the Black Bird News every morning. I can't start the day without seeing what Marvin X has to say. There are few bold enough to deal with the subjects Marvin writes about or posts on Black Bird News.--Emanuel, Fresno CA

Highly informed, he speaks to many societal levels and to both genders—to the intellectual as well as to the man/woman on the street or the unfortunate in prison—to the mind as well as the heart. His topics range from global politics and economics to those between men and women in their household. Common sense dominates his thought. He shuns political correctness for the truth of life. He is a Master Teacher in many fields of thought—religion and psychology, sociology and anthropology, history and politics, literature and the humanities. He is a needed Counselor, for he knows himself, on the deepest of personal levels and he reveals that self to us, that we might be his beneficiaries.
--Rudolph Lewis,

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