Thursday, October 30, 2014

Parable of the Zombie Driver: Oakland's Mayor Jean Quan with Marvin X

Oakland's embattled Mayor Jean Quan with the peripatetic poet Marvin X. "As a student of Sun Ra, I believe in Mythocracy not Democracy. But we thank the Mayor for ending Operation Urban Shield in Oakland. It would be better if she would stop getting caught texting while driving, especially with all the other Zombie drivers on the streets. Vote for me, I'll set you free!"
photo Adam Turner, Black Bird Productions

Parable of the Zombie Driver
by Marvin X 

Watch the zombie in the car ahead of you. He may be sleep walking or sleep talking or texting or having sex--his blinker says left turn or right turn, but the light changes and the car doesn't move, just sits still on the green light, until you finally blow your horn, then, slowly, the car turns and heads down the street.

You wonder what is going on and the answer is nothing, it is a zombie car with a zombie driver. Whatever you do, be courteous, don't be rude, don't go into road rage for the zombie may pull a weapon, after all, the zombie is a danger to himself and others, so be careful, don't add fuel to the fire.

This is how we must navigate the perilous mental landscape in the last days of the devil's world. Jesus told you this is only the beginning of sorrows, there shall be pestilence, drought, famine, earthquakes in diverse places, mudslides, tsunamis, planes disappearing from the sky, jails and prisons full of those suffering poverty, drug addiction and mental illness.

The global bandits, the blood suckers of the poor, suffer no jail or prison time. They pay a simple fine then continue in their inordinacy, as the Qur'an says. They are the zombie too, so smart they outsmart themselves, thinking their wickedness shall last forever, they have enough guns and a monkey mind media that perpetuates the world of make believe that the deaf, dumb and blind inhabit as they make their daily round in the big yard, suffering their myriad addictions and afflictions and conspicuous consumption.

As we see, there is murder in the hood and murder in the suburbs, murder in the schools, colleges and universities, in the home and workplace. So hold onto your hat or hold onto the rope of Allah, whatever is your choice--yeah, hold on Snoopy--The End is Near!--Marvin X

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