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Parable of Iraq by Marvin X

Parable of Iraq

Friday, April 16, 2010

Parable of Iraq
The war in Iraq has not begun. It shall begin when the Americans leave--now what day might that be? 
They are still in Germany, Japan, and elsewhere. They ain't in Vietnam, ha? But in Iraq,they have merely 
opened Pandora's box. As they draw down, the spirit sshall dance in the desert winds.T
he Shia have power they've never had before, not since before the martyrdom of their imams after
the death of the prophet. The Shia say to hell with the democratic process, there shall be Shia 
power until they see fit to share power with the Sunnis, their oppressors and eternal theological 
enemy.The Sunni must receive the big payback! They must suffer justice for theyears of domination 
and destruction of Shia culture. Why should theyshare equal power after years of oppression. 

When a man beats his wife, he loses a certain power, his stature is reduced, his rights curtailed. 
His wife will say, you blew it buddy. You're lucky I didn't kill you in your sleep. We have seen 
the sectarian battles in Iraq. But we ain't seen nothing yet. Of course the sectarian is in reality geo-political.

The Sunni neighbors in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf states have no intention to allow 
Shia power to rule unobstructed, without sabotage at every turn, especially since the Shia are 
theological and geo-political brothers with Iran.

The Sunni will do as they have been dong since the US invasion: collaborate with the US, 
while at the same time undermine the Shia at every turn. The Shia can be destroyed because 
they are not considered real Muslims. Just as Sunni Muslims do not consider the Nation of Islam
 real Muslims. They barely accept thefollowers of Warthideem Muhammad as real Muslims, after all, 
what do niggers know about Islam? This racism is no different than Christian racism. One o'clock 
Friday is the most racist hour in Islam, just as eleven 0'clock Sunday is the most racist hour in Christianity.

The Sunni/Shia conflict is an eternal contradiction that cannot be resolved except by political domination, 
or politics by other means, as in war.The Shia are in a mode of expansion, from Iran, through Iraq to 
Lebanon, or from the Tigris and Euphrates to the Mediterranean. The Sunni will attempt to block them, 
and the Zionist and Christian America shall assist as they are doing at this hour.They will do so under 
the guise of stopping Iran's nuclear program. 

The Sunni/Zionist/USpropaganda machine is in high gear preparing the world for the destruction 
of Iran, but the real purpose is not their fear of Iranian Nukes, but Shia geo-political expansion. 

Of course what we are witnessing is the rise of the Persian empire. Even with their reactionary theocracy, 
the Iranians/Persians have outflanked the Sunni regimes by supporting Hamas and Hezbollah, thus 
earning the respect ofthe Arab masses suffering under the yoke of reactionary Sunni Muslim regimes.

The Iranian theocracy does not have clean hands, but they do stand closer to the Arab 
masses than the oppressive Sunni governments. America's mission is, of course, oil, oil, oil. She doesn't  
give a damn about Sunni or Shia, only as pawns in the game of geo-political/economic hegemony. 

As per America, even the Zionists are expendable. In the end, she will give up support of the Zionist 
for a barrel of oil! She will give up her mother for two barrels!
--Marvin X

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