Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Parable of the Immigrant El Muhajir

Call me a political refugee from the USA, yes, I was able to escape the USA slave system, plantation style, a model for Hitler and the Jewish Problem.  They wanted me to be a running dog in the imperial wars of America, the continual war for the souls of the deaf, dumb and blind, the 85% who are robbed by the 10%, the bloodsuckers of the poor who use tricknology to keep the 85% deaf dumb and blind to knowledge of self and others, to keep them ignut of the true and living Devil and the true and living God Allah, the Aboriginal Asiatic Black Man, Maker, Owner, God of the planet Earth.

Elijah, Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam brothers and sisters gave me knowledge of self and kind. I am so thankful for the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, for Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Farrakhan, Khalid Muhammad, Akbar Muhammad, Wallace Muhammad--most of all,  we are honored for the coming of Master Fard Muhammad.

 Marvin X at a Harlem reception in his honor, hosted by Rashidah Ishmaili, center with Marvin X

Winfrey Streets, Student Body President, Edison High School, class of 1961. Marvin X. Jackmon wrote the class song for the class of 1961. Marvin X says, "Yes, I grew up with Winfrey and the Streets family. Winfrey was a natural leader, first as Student Body President, then as leader of the Black Panther Party of Fresno, then finally as choir director of the Black Educational Theatre. He was assassinated in the Black Educational Theatre of Fresno, shot in the back with a shotgun by the reactionary Negroes in Fresno. 

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