Wednesday, December 17, 2014

BAM Book Fair at Laney College, Sat., February 7

There will be a book fair at Laney College as part of the Black Arts Movement's 50th Anniversary, We are especially interested in authors with writings that express Black consciousness or radical themes such as the liberation of North American Africans from the addiction to white supremacy mythology. If you are an author interested in participating, let me hear from you at the earliest. The vendor fee is $50.00 for self published authors and a donation of five copies for give-away to the needy, including the incarcerated behind walls and those mentally incarcerated out here in the big yard. Institutional publishers fee $200.00 and donation of fifty books for the poor.  Contact Marvin X at Call 510-200-4164. Our last book fair was the San Francisco Tenderloin Black Radical Book Fair, 2004.


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