Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Revolution against Fear by Marvin X

Revolution Against Fear

"The only thing to fear is fear itself."--President Roosevelt

No human progress is possible while people are paralyzed by fear. Fear is the great monster of the mind that prevents people from standing against oppression. Once the great monster fear is cut off, we see people can stand tall in the face of any challenge, whether from the guns of state terror, the tanks, police, jails, prisons and ultimately death. Overcoming the fear of death is the ultimate challenge of man. Once a man or woman accepts that his/her life and death are all for God, transcending the self, fear is discarded into the dustbin of history.

We see this occurring in North Africa and the Middle East at this hour. The people have cast off the illusion of fear and are standing tall against oppression from regimes long supported by American Imperialism. America has been the major arms supplier, the guns, bullets, poison gas, equipment for torture chambers and dungeons that were established to allow the most wicked and repressive regimes to flourish for the last forty years.

Let us be clear that America has a history of oppressing its own citizens, of filling their bodies and minds with fear, of reducing them from Kunta Kinte to Toby en mass. We have yet to learn the true story of resistance to the American slave system by North American Africans, who mastered fear during three centuries of chattel enslavement, not recognized as humans or citizens. And yet from within the slave system, North American African resisted by any means necessary, ultimately taking up arms in the Civil War, only to be betrayed by those who won the war and those who were defeated, especially when the 200,000 African soldiers were disarmed.

It is this disarming that allowed fear to return in the from of state terror in the guise of the KKK, the lynchings, virtual slave labor and disenfranchisement during the short lived Reconstruction.

Imagine, for a time the people who were banned from learning to read and write, upon emancipation exercised a thirst for learning so great the children had to be beaten out of the classroom and made to go home. Today we have flipped the script, the children must be beaten or taken to juvenile hall for refusing to attend school. School districts have gone broke because their daily attendance was so low they could not qualify to fund their budgets.

How did the fear of knowledge become pervasive? How did it become a hip fad to be ignut? We need only examine the lives of men who read books and not only transformed their lives but the lives of their people, e.g., Fredrick Douglass, Malcolm X, George Jackson, Eldridge Cleaver. These men cast aside their fears, stood up and made their people stand. Imagine the eternal words of Harriet Tubman, "I could have freed more slaves if they had known they were slaves."

We see here the need for the slave system, today the neo-slave system, to keep people in ignorance and fear. The slave system rules through ignorance and fear. The Civil Rights movement was on the road to success once the people in the South cast off their fears, especially the fear of death, the fear of jail, prison and retaliation.

The 2.4 million people in US jails and prisons are special examples of the fearless. Most people who commit crimes are somewhat fearless, otherwise they would not take penitentiary chances, as they say. Those addicted to fear may be those who decide to hold down a job, to never consider economic independence, until of late when it is crystal clear the job for life is a myth.

We see a college education is no guarantee of a job. Our children will thus need to cast away their fears to configure a fair market system of economic justice. Free market capitalism is exhausted, surely America and her gang of global bandits are in their last days before being rounded up and divested of their ill gotten gains.

By what right should 400 people possess the wealth equal to 150 million? There must be a redistribution of the wealth stolen from the deaf, dumb and blind, yes, those robbed and left half dead on the roadside, those who are victims of American capital accumulation since the beginning of the slave system, i.e., the founding of this nation.

And yet the greatest robbery is not what occurred yesterday, but the robbery of the present global finance bandits who have ripped off the people with their pyramid schemes and sub prime loan scams that stole trillions from people and nations, since the blood suckers of the poor care nothing about people or nations.

The jobless and homeless of today will not rise from this condition until they cast away all fears and seize the means of production and the housing they need. Every human being needs a job and a dwelling. There is no mystery about the human right to a job and a place to stay.

Every human being should have a home with a life estate. This is the true and final solution to homelessness. The home with a life estate cannot be sold or transferred, thus a person will become free of the anxiety of homelessness. And then we consider the reality that all persons need a way to earn money to survive and thrive.

A society that cannot provide its people with economic security shall have no national security, for it is a failed society, a society in chaos, such as we see in America today. There are almost three million people in prison, mostly due to economic crimes, crimes of necessity.

And yet many of these criminals are fearless, some have the very creative minds we need to address the issues of society. And yet they are locked down, many for the most trivial offences, 80% were drug addicted at the time of their arrests and perhaps 50% have severe mental health issues, so what we have in American prisons and jails are drug addicts and the mentally ill or the dual diagnosed.

Still, we have seen that some of our greatest minds came from prison, recall Malcolm, George Jackson, Eldridge, Tookie. Even today we have millions of fearless minds locked down, e.g. Ruchell McGee, and so many other men and women, not to mention our greatest mind on death row, Mumia Abu Jamal. If a man can be productive as Mumia has been on death row, what excuse do we have out here on the big yard?

As Amiri Baraka asked, "Is it difficult for you?" And so I ask, is it difficult for you out here on the big yard? I especially ask the people of the Bay Area who have the legacy of the Black Panther Party who taught one essential lesson which was to discard our fears and stand tall in the face of oppression, is it difficult for you? I say smash your fear of the police, politicians, blood sucking merchants who refuse to hire you yet you do not protest. Challenge the oil and gasoline bandits who reap quarterly profits in the billions by manipulating the markets. But no, you won't dare confront Shell, Mobil, Exxon, Chevron, but you want to kill a brother who jumps ahead of you in the line at the gas station.

It is time to be informed and fearless. Use your cell phone to be informed, Google words you don't understand rather than spend the entire day asking your mate, "Where you at?" Ask yourself where your mind is at, where is your heart and soul at? Where is the fearlessness of your ancestors at?

--Marvin X

Marvin X and the Black Arts Movement Poet's Choir & Arkestra will celebrate the 50th anniversary of BAM at Laney College Art Gallery, Feb 7, 2015. Tentatively, Marvin X and BAM will perform at Merritt College for the Black Caucus of California Community Colleges Conference, Feb. 12, 13, 14, 2015.


  1. This is the mind set of white supremacy today and yesteryear,its not changed one iota in time,this is the white manifesto in staccato. If you doubt my word let me suggest you read more. I can only educate you to a certain degree the rest you must experience with your own eyes and mind. A teacher is free to reach so far into the psyche of a student. This has been an orchestrated sycophantic historic journey in my analysis of "europeeon" society They dominate the world and why is this ? They have ruled as terrorist for centuries on continents through violence,corruption and lets not forget genocide.

    They have maintained power through unity, a most important component in transferring power. We understand power is generational same as wealth and by the same token so is poverty. The elite white Klan never integrates the power must remain whites only, this is the collective unspoken in white society its understood. Ever ask your self why is the British royal family treated like 'gods by the mainstreem media, they travel to the US and automatically meet the president of the US. Why are they so significant. When you put them in historic context they murdered more people than Stalin, Hitler combined a 100 times, and we're asked to respect a lineage of barbarism and call them royal, they hail from a lineage of "europeeon" scum who've murdered 100's of millions of Africans over centuries of genocide. The royal jewels are all ill gotten stolen diamonds and gold from Africa and many parts of the world. Why are these people given this god like treatment who are responsible for many of the problems we have today globall?y
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    1. Agreed!


      Those Who Have Ears?

      Let Them Hear!

      We Must Cast Away The Fear Of Learning!

      Cast Away The Fear of Knowledge!

      Stand Up!

      Cast Away The Fear Of Pain Or Death!

      Stand Up My People!

      One Love My People!

      One Love!

      No Fear! No Worry No Doubt!

      No Fear! No Worry! No Doubt!


      Free Your Mind!

      No Fear! No Worry! No Doubt!

      One Love!

      No Fear! No Worry! No Doubt!

      Stand In One Love!

      Stand For what You Know is Right!

      No Fear No Worry No Doubt!

      Those Who Have Ears!

      Let Them Hear!

      No Fear No Worry! No Doubt!

      All Blessings My Brothahs and Sistahs!

      No Fear! No Worry! No Dout!

      No Fear! No Worry!

      No Doubt!

      No Fear....

      No Worry ....

      No Doubt!

      Peace Out......

  2. Gul, you said a mouthful. Get ready to direct the Poet's Choir! Ase'!

  3. The oppressive sick europeeon mentality still permesates the world, they are a minority who rule through tyranny and fear. They are afraid, I can smell the cowardice in them, its colored in the stench of distress yellow, these putrid fellows of the gallows I denounce you in the name of Shango the African God of Thunder.
    We're united to fight the gastly beast of despair who pollutes the air, we've joined hands aropund the world for peace and justice our struggle is universal-people are sick and tired of these vigilantes with badges and guns. The time to stop them is now! Let's march on the monsters of society and reclaim our freedom, now! — with La Mesha Irizarry.


  4. Brothers and Sisters had to fight for the right to use the Ocean!

    The St. Augustine Movement was a civil rights movement that took place in St. Augustine, Florida in 1963–1964. It was part of the wider African-American Civil Rights Movement. It was a major event in St. Augustine's long history and had a role in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    Dr. Robert B. Hayling is generally considered the "father" of the St. Augustine movement. A Tallahassee native originally, Hayling served as an Air Force officer, and then became the first black dentist in Florida to be elected to the American Dental Association. He set up business in St. Augustine in 1960 and joined the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The organization led a high-profile protest of the segregated celebration of the city's 400th anniversary in March 1963.[3] While the campaign was successful at convincing Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson to speak before an interracial audience in St. Augustine, it had no effect on the overall Jim Crow laws. The NAACP campaign lacked a direct action component and Hayling believed that this was a major failing. Hayling founded an NAACP Youth Council that engaged in nonviolent direct action, including wade-ins at the local segregated swimming pools.

    Gee-all they wanted was a tan -they blocked out the sun . What happens to them after 20 minutes of exposure to the sun, they begin to peel like the true snakes they really are, the mentality of the craka is beyond sick. We're dealing with a deranged culture after 10,000 years of the ice age a defect in the brain developed .This sickness is generational, Its in the DNA. Scientist say you can change the molecular structure of a cell by how you think, now we inject this fact into the human genome we have a bonefide barbarian carrying his defective Neanderthal gene into the modern age. These people scavenged for food and engaged in cannibalism for thousands of years. Africans on the other hand had an abundance of food,and never had to resort to such barbaric extremes to survive. On the evolutionary scale- we''re beyond them.

    This disease is powerful, after 500 years they can't shake it, its part of their DNA - we know you can't shake your DNA, they are predispose. So when you hear them on stage what they are doing is acting out their natural instincts. When Lena Horn was the headliner at the Sands in Vegas her 6 year old daughter went into the pool, the crakas drained it, this chit is deep! The disdain they have for us is generational, racism is taught in the home and some schools.This is a national disease, the marchers are right, the running scared,when a president addresses the nation 2 nights in a row is cause for concern/alarm. The police should join the demonstrators this has happened in many countries. In Sweden they had to close down jails,not enough prisoners, in this country they grow exponentially


  5. We've been at war since we were kidnapped from Africa.The psychological war is the most difficult to fight, some of the captives don't even know they are in
    bondage. The mental chains are always the hardest to break, people enslave their
    children thereby producing generations of Zombies loyal to to plantation owners. Its difficult to reach people who think their job is freedom /freedumb. Once they erace your culture you begin to emulate their dying europeeon concept of the world.This is the conflict and great obstacle we face today, some are so blinded by the facade of materialism they fail to see the shackles on their feet They engage in Machiavellian politics, they give you the illusion you're making progress, things like see you have a Black president. Its ceremonial and symbolic but it doesn't trickle down, the only think that trickles down is piss ! They create their own opposition, hunt it down and kill it, see Osama, a perfect example of how they execute schemes. Ever notice how they turn on allies except for their white counterparts in europeeon countries. Yes we need cultural fortitude to restore the psychological damage of bondage in our struggle over white supremacy. This is daily we're bombarded with on a daily basis,its about mind control through TV and other mediums of communication.Your psyche is bombarded from the time you wake to the final hour on your way home from work, its subliminal. The oppressive sick europeeon mentality still permeates the world, they are a minority who rule through tyranny and fear. They are afraid, I can smell the cowardice in them, its colored in the stench of distress yellow, these putrid fellows of the gallows, I denounce you in the name of Shango the African God of Thunder. We're united to fight the ghastly beast of despair who pollutes the air, we've joined hands around the world for peace and justice our struggle is universal-people are sick and tired of these vigilantes with badges and guns. The time to stop them is now! Let's march on the monsters of society and reclaim our freedom, now!