Thursday, December 11, 2014

Marvin X poem: Do not dream alone

It is fine to dream
fantastical notions
freedom dreams
alone in a room
but what pleasure
burden lifted
when there are those who share the dream
it is wonderful to know
it is my time
only because it is our time
to dance
fling our arms wide
Langston said
til night day is done
but knowing the communal dream
what wonder is this
burden shared
I am not alone
they are ready to help
my dream is their dream
their dream is my dream
no confusion here
no debate
work out the details
the deal is done
the die was set in the seed of a seed of a seed of the first seed
the seed was a dream
we sat in a circle by the village fire
the Kora sound is kicking our heart strings
we dance
naked now
there is no shame
only beauty and truth
the sun rises and the dream is hatched
the egg shells split our minds
cracking brain cells
we smell the dream
we are humbled
knowing we know
knowing we are the action
we are the will the way
the sun rises we rise
flowing with the flow
they are coming
coming to dance the dream.
let them dance the holy dance
let them strut like peacocks
stand like one legged flamingos
tall and still at attention
there is motion and sounds
sounds behind the sounds.
it is the drum the drummers
life is complete now
it is morning the rain has stopped
see the rainbow
what a wonderful sign
someone has heard the dream
they come running
hands full of dreams
babies with dreams
old men old women with dreams
workers youth students with dreams
preachers and teachers dreaming
dreaming new preachings and teachings
lovers dream new dreams of love
beyond flesh and climax
Phavia said, "If you think I am just a physical thing
wait til you see the spiritual power I bring...."
so dream lovers
you haters dream too
beyond your ignut haters dream
beyond that mini mind dream
youth dream beyond your sagging pants dream
your mind is sagging
pull up your mind your ass will follow. dream.
--Marvin X

Marvin X and the Poet's Choir & Arkestra will perform at the opening gala of the Black Arts Movement 50th Anniversary, Laney College Art Gallery, February 7, 2015. For more information: 510-200-4164.

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  1. after dreaming I woke up with freedom on mind