Friday, December 12, 2014

Black Men Speak: Danny Glover, Delroy Lindo, John Burris at Marcus Books


  1. Warning this is graphic -slavery up close and brutal !
    Their portrayal has many inaccuracies, its graphic and brutal -these film seem to reinforce white domination -part of white supremacy, it doesn't empower Blacks,not saying such films shouldn't be made . They portray Black as a lesser man and supports the white concept of Africans.
    They make these films to reinforce their domination not to educate, this is a great part of the white supremacy scheme.To show off their power over us. Same as in Ferguson and NY -with preponderance of evidence they scoff at truth to show their domination of the entire corrupt system. It's a display of white power, they are grand standing . I find it cynical, they are sending a strong subliminal message.

  2. The movie doesn't show you anything about African culture,it degrades Black people and reinforces white stereotypes. The objective of the movie doesn't tell the African story ,its the caricature of Africans, totally missing the humanity and complexity of African people. This is a white man's film, what do you expect from the beast but a one dimensional subhuman savage is the portrayal of Blacks .