Friday, December 12, 2014

It's Marvin X time and the Black Arts Movement Cultural Revolution, 2015

Oakland City Councilwoman Lynette Gibson McElhaney and Black Arts Movement co-founder Marvin X at Geoffery's Inner Circle to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Oakland Post News Group. They briefly discussed the declaration of 14th Street as the Black Arts Movement District. Councilwoman McElhaney who represents West Oakland, including the 14th Street corridor or Gateway into downtown Oakland from the 880 and 580 freeways, will introduce legislation before the City Council in January to establish the Black Arts Movement District, a North American African cultural and business district. Mayor Elect Libby Shaaf and East Oakland Councilwoman Desley Brooks support the BAM cultural and business district.
photo Conway Jones, Jr.

 Paul Cobb, Publisher of the Post News Group
photo Marvin X

Publisher Paul Cobb of the Post News Group at Geoffery's Inner Circle, celebrating the 10th anniversary of his ten newspapers. Paul Cobb is in partnership with Marvin X to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Black Arts Movement. Paul and Marvin have established the BAM/Post Isaiah 61 Project to bring literature and literacy to the incarcerated. Paul says, "Crack a book before you are booked for Crack!"

He is working on expanding the San Quentin newspaper for distribution throughout the California Department of Corrections, the Post Newspaper as well. He's calling on religious institutions to provide subscriptions to inmates. Books will also be distributed to inmates, especially titles from Dr. Nathan Hare's Black Think Tank Books and Marvin X's Black Bird Press. Authors and publishers are invited to make their titles available for distribution to inmates. Mayor elect Libby Shaaf says "I agree with Post Publisher Paul Cobb that the BAM 50th Anniversary celebration should encompass all cultural genres: visual, literary, and performance.  Age-appropriate books for African American students about the Black Arts Movement will literally bring the lesson home for families to share and aspire to.”

Marvin X says Oakland has 1st Fridays downtown, so why not Black Friday and/or Last Friday in the Black Arts Movement District on 14th Street?

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