Monday, December 8, 2014

Marvin X with Black Arts/Black Power Babies, 2.0--at 45th Anniversary of Police murder of Fred Hampton in Chicago

  1. Check out these flix from last Thurs.Dec4th "International Revolutionary Day" in West Oakland..45yrs since the assassination of Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. & Def.Capt. Mark Clark we commemorated the yearly "IRD" event here in Oakland in conjunction with the official POCC/BPPC "IRD45" events in Chiraq 12/4/14! We had a film screening, community dialogue, positive performances and open mic cypher at this special last 2014 / IRD edition of our monthly Zulu Nation Thursdays-OAKLAND gathering! Revolutionary Love & Solidarity with every1 who came out!!!--Ras Ceylon


photos by Daniela Kantorova'


  1. Beautiful Gathering To Honor Our Brotha And Comrade! His Words Still Ring Truth!!!

  2. This is the mind set of white supremacy today and yesteryear,its not changed one iota in time,this is the white manifesto in staccato. If you doubt my word let me suggest you read more. I can only educate you to a certain degree the rest you must experience with your own eyes and mind. A teacher is free to reach so far into the psyche of a student. This has been an orchestrated sycophantic historic journey in my analysis of "europeeon" society They dominate the world and why is this ? They have ruled as terrorist for centuries on continents through violence,corruption and lets not forget genocide.

    They have maintained power through unity, a most important component in transferring power. We understand power is generational same as wealth and by the same token so is poverty. The elite white Klan never integrates the power must remain whites only, this is the collective unspoken in white society its understood. Ever ask your self why is the British royal family treated like 'gods by the mainstreem media, they travel to the US and automatically meet the president of the US. Why are they so significant. When you put them in historic context they murdered more people than Stain ,Hit ler combined a 100 times,and we're asked to respect a lineage of barbarism and call them royal, they hail from a lineage of "europeeon" scum who've murdered 100's of millions of Africans over centuries of genocide. The royal jewels are all ill gotten stolen diamonds and gold from Africa and many parts of the world. Why are these people given this god like treatment who are responsible for many of the problems we have today globall?y