Saturday, January 17, 2015

BAM Tasks at Laney

BAM Tasks for Laney College

1. Visual artists exhibit, team leader Dr. Leslee Stradford
2. Dramatic performance, Dr. Ayodele Nzinga
3. Wellness, Empress Diamond, Suzzette Celeste, Dr. Nathan Hare, Michael Bennett
4. BAM and Women writers, Elaine Brown, moderator
5. Open Mike, MC Aries Jordan
6. Music, Tarika Lewis
7. Poet's Choir, Mechelle LaChaux
8. Donations, Mrs. and Mr. Carolyn and Leon Teasley
9. Reception, host, Paul Cobb
10. Food, Pat Brown
11. Reception Welcome, Laney President
12. Assistant to Producer, Samantha
13. Volunteer leader, Delores Nochi
14. Reception music, Fantastic Negro, Earl Davis
15. Sound and lights, Bud
16. Set Design
17. Program
18. Vendor tables
19. Security: Che'
20.  Archives of Dr. Nathan Hare and Marvin X
21. Book salves/givieaway
22. Children's Story house
23. Banners, Muhammad Al Kareem
24. Clean up: all
25. Transportation
26. Stage manager
27. ushers
28. Words of inspiration: Suzzette Celeste
29. Proclamation: Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland
30. On the Black Arts District, Lynette McElhaney, President, Oakland City Council
31. Video/photographers, Doug Guy, Khalid Wajeeb, Kamau Amen Ra, Malika Kambon, Gene Hazzard, Adam Turner, Ken Johnson
32. Cloth for costumes for Poet's Choir and Arkestra
33. lodging for guests and seniors
34. Cards for everyone willing to pass out to promote event.
35. If you are willing to do something to make this event a success, hit me: 510-200-4164. Share articles about BAM on with your friends.

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