Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fantastic Negrito at Laney College Black Arts Movement Festival

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“We are Soldiers in the same tribe, because we carry this Flag of Musical Truth. Fantastic Negrito is a deity contained in a human capsule. When he sings, he can’t quite be contained and the only way to know I’m telling the Truth... is to see him live.”
-Tre Hardson, Artist and Producer of The Pharcyde

Fantastic Negrito is a man’s truth told through black roots music. Each song tells a story about this musician from Oakland who struggled to “make it,” who “got it,” and who lost it all. It’s the story of a man who experienced the highs of a million dollar record deal and the lows of a near fatal car accident that put him in a coma. It’s the story about a life after destruction, a reawakening and rebirth. Negrito’s music emphasizes rawness and space. Slide guitar, drums and piano ­all brought together to create soulful beats. Fantastic Negrito leaves the original sounds of Lead Belly and Skip James intact and builds bridges to modernity by looping and sampling his own live instruments. For anyone who ever felt like it was over yet hoped it wasn’t, this is your music; blues harnessed, forged in realness.

Night Has Turned to Day:

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"We produce what we believe in and nothing else"

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