Saturday, January 10, 2015

Black Bird Press News & Review: Parable of a Real Woman by Marvin X

Black Bird Press News & Review: Parable of a Real Woman by Marvin X

Comment on the Wisdom of Plato

The Wisdom of Plato Negro is for the forty something up. No
persons who haven't lived a few years can appreciate the things Marvin X says
in The Wisdom of Plato Negro. You need to be at least forty to understand, and
even then, this is not a book to read in one setting, even if it is easy
reading. It is a book to read in a relaxed situation, and then only read one or
two of the
parables at a time. They must be carefully
digested, each one.
Think about them, what was the real meaning? Again, if you
haven't lived a few years, there's no way you can appreciate some of the things
he says. For example, the Parable of the Real Woman. A young man who hasn't had
many experiences with women cannot possibly understand this parable. If a woman
comes to his house and cleans it out of love, a young man cannot appreciate
this. He will tell her thanks, then go get a flashy woman who is never going to
clean his house, mainly because she doesn't know how. But the dude will go for her
because she is cute, but the real woman he rejects, the one with common sense
and dignity, who may not be a beauty queen.

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