Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Poem by Marvin X: Abortion


Men need to stay out of women's pussy
unless invited
but you still can't own it boss it control it
in that sick patriarchal mentality
makes you want to beat it kill it then say you love it so much
just shut up unless invited
don't say nothing bout her bizness
you don't bleed five days a month motherfucker 
you can't bleed for five minutes sucker
control yo shit and shut up
get out the women's rest room pervert
the men's room is over there see the sign
why you put yo penis in her pussy if you know how she is
now you coming after the fact with some man shit
just shut the fuck up
all you want to do is raise the baby so he/she can be a killer in your eternal wars for white supremacy
don't kill the baby now, let it grow up so it can die in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia for the 1% Club who supply guns to both sides just to make a dollar, ain't no ideology except money, greed lust lechery
white day is done dude get over it
don't you see all your guns ain't shit
yo drones planes bombs missles
ain't won shit since Viet Nam
Korean War still goin on I hear
so drink yo beer Billy Bob
stay out of other people's bizness
unless invited.
--Marvin X

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