Monday, January 12, 2015

Public Service Announcement: Laney College presents 50th Anniversary of the Black Arts Movement, Feb 7

Public Service Announcement

Marvin X,
Project Director
BAM 27 City Tour

In celebration of the Black Arts Movement 50th Anniversary, Laney College will present a day long event on February 7, from 10am through 8pm. The celebration includes a wellness boot camp, a mental health peer group to recover from the addiction to white supremacy, book fair, open mike, panel on Black women writers; an inter-generational discussion with participants in the Black Arts/Black Power movement and their children, There will be an exhibit of art by San Quentin Prison inmates. The program concludes with a performance by the Black Arts Movement Arkestra and the Poet's Choir with special guests. For more information, call 510-200-4164. The event is free.

Art by Elizabeth Catlette Mora
 Co-founders of the Black Arts Movement, Amiri Baraka (RIP) and Marvin X, friends and BAM workers for 47 years. Baraka called for a 27 city tour of the BAM. Marvin X has taken up the call.
The Black Arts Movement Arkestra and Poet's Choir performed at the University of California, Merced, Feb-Mar, 2014 at the BAM Conference, produced by Kim McMillan and Marvin X

The BAM Arkestra and Poet's Choir at the Malcolm X Jazz/Art Festival, Oakland, May 17, 2014
photo collage by Adam Turner

Sponsors of the Laney College Black Arts Movement Celebration include Laney College President's Office, The Black Caucus of California Community Colleges, The Post News Group, Black Think Tank, Black Bird Press, It's about Time, William James Prison Art Project, lajones associates, BWOPA, TILE, KPOO, Davey D and Greg Bridges of KPFA.

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