Friday, January 9, 2015

On the death of AB

One year ago
my friend departed
my friend to the end
a true friend
who helped me
like no one else
his last words
I gotta gig faya at NYU
wanna do it
Yes, but guess what
I gotta gig fa you
UC Merced then he was dead
in the coldest winter ever

complications of complications
joyful tortured life
Jekyll and Hyde wife said
man of two worlds
the black the white
he flowed wit da flow
lover of life
the drink the fame
women the driver
politics/ art
dining out the shout
the cry the scream
don't let them take yo
um boom de boom
you be in deep trouble
if dey take yo um boom de boom
take you several centuries to get out

oh, my friend
you taught me so much
you taught the world
we love you so much
because you loved the world.
--Marvin X

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