Thursday, May 14, 2015

Elder Marvin X speaks on his 71st earthday, raw, uncut, xxxx rated

 Four young brothers at the Academy of da Corner reading the Oakland Post Newspaper.
photo Gene Hazzard

 West Oakland childhood friends Paul Cobb and Marvin X, both writers and publishers
photo Walter Riley, Esq.

 Oakland Black Writers/activists honor slain journalist Chauncey Bailey at the Joyce Gordon Gallery, downtown Oakland, Black Arts Movement District, 14th and Franklin
photo Gene Hazzard and Adam Turner for the Oakland Post Newspaper

 Black Arts Movement/Black Power Babies, an inter-generational discussion in Brooklyn, NY, produced by Muhammida El Muhajir

 I love you because I love you because I love you because I love you.
Revolutionary love!

Marvin X Poem

I loved grandmother's hands
grandfather's too
Johnny Murrill
drunk at El Gato Negro in Chinatown
go with uncle stand to pick him up
grandfather stuck on stupid in El Gato Negro
In Chinatown
drunk in the gambling shack
drunk broke
sittin in the car for hours
outside El Gato Negro
the Black Cat
Uncle Stan went inside
Uncle Stan please come back soon
gpaw stuck on stupid
all week workin in da field
pickin cotton in the valley
fresno dos palos los banos
grandfather do take my girlfriend
you drunk on gin
runnin through the house calling girlie girlie girlie
did ma girl

And now I am grandfather. Dirty old man. Filthy McNasty
Somebody hep me but you can't hep dirty old man.
Please don't come with square ass bullshit. Spare me square ass bitches.
Square motherfucker will get ya killed,
hustling padner taught me.
fuck a square ass bitch
saw them in the crack house
freak of the week
give up BMW for a rock
suck every cock fa a rock
nigguh please
we saw it all
no Miller Lite here
we all gave it all in the game of slavery
don't have no shame today

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