Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother Blues

 Oba/king of the Yoruba African Village, Sheldon, South Carolina
We thank the Oba for attempting to transform us back from nigguhs to Africans! 
Thank you, Oba!--Marvin X

Don't make me tell the tales I know
grand kids say
Gpaw what is wretched?
wretched of the earth I say
in the manner of Fanon
terrible grandchild
pitiful grandson
don't be wretched
say this to your mother
Mother, heaven is at your feet
Mother says don't just say it do it
Naeema say Heaven is at the feet of your, Mother
Daughter says, Oh, Father, Naeema puts on the worst show on earth at bedtime!
Oh, Father, she puts on the greatest show on earth every night at 8pm, at bedtime!
Grandson Jah Amiel, also a terrorizer of his mother!
I made him declare before his mother, "Oh, Mother, heaven is at your feet!" At first he looked up to heaven to praise his mother. I said, no, Jah Amiel, the Prophet Muhammad said, Heaven is at the feet of your mother.
Jah Amiel declared to his mother, "Mother, heave is at your feet."
Mother was not convinced.
Mother said, Oh, Father, please take them with you!
She showed me a video of a Mother on Strike.
Also check out the mother who beat her son's ass in the Baltimore rebellion.
As father and grandfather, as lover of mothers with children, I praise the mothers who must care for their children 24/7, who watch out for them feed them wash them get them to school visit them in jail and prison yes praise the Mother Goddess forever and forever and forever!
--Marvin X

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