Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marvin X Poem: Standing on the shoulders of ancestors

 OH, Patrice Lumumba
we love you
standing tall against global white supremacy in the Congo
blood diamonds
minerals so nigguhs can talk on cell phone bout
where you at
where you at
where you at......
Joy energy strength
resist resist resist
rise up rise up rise up
don't give up don't give up don't give up!
resist resist resist
no mo clowns, passive ass nigguhs without balls to confront white supremacy
It's not that you are physical faggot, you are a mental faggot
a mind in perpetual gender identity crisis
confused on the master slave relationship
in love with the master
total submission
no resistance
the white man is God Almighty
I am his slave I love him
will kill for him
my lover keeper
white man!
resist resist resist
Paul Robeson said, "I am the artistic freedom fighter !"
and so we are
standing on the ancestors
standing tall
in Egypt we came to the Square with blankets 
in front of tanks, we did this.
reactionaries will never lay down their butcher knives, never turn into Buddha heads.
Wait. wait. wait. don't forget the killers who taught, dope dealers who showed me love, hey!

Zena Allen, BAM Master Poet Marvin X, Tarika Lewis, violinist, first female member of the Black Panther Party; Linda Johnson, Master choreographer/dancer in the Bay. She is Marvin X's favorite choreographer, although he has worked with other Bay Area choreographers, including Raymond Sawyer, Ellendar Barnes, Judith Holton, Wisteria.
Sun Ra said, "Sometimes you can be so right you wrong. The perfect man is a laughing stock. All work and no play makes Jack very dull. Yes, Jack is very very dull."

Truth is, can I talk about those who mentored me?
The worst people in the world.

Seriously, who taught Marvin X?

Alonzo Batin, Guru of the San Francisco Black Arts Movement. Alonzo recruited the BAM poets and theatre people into the Nation of Islam, Batin recruited the key members of Black Arts West into the Nation of Islam: Marvin X, Ethna X, Hillary X, Duncan X! Did Alonzo Batin have power over us? Alonzo taught us practical Islam. He said, "If drugs will bring you together with your people, then do drugs with them."

As per drugs, Marvin X has this to say, "I agree with the Harm Reduction Model, do drugs but don't harm yourself, don't neglect your wife and children, your community, the revolution. Need a wake up, go ahead, but don't spend the whole day getting loaded, then you gotta problem and you need to take up your post in the Liberation Movement of your people.

--Marvin X, aka Nazzam Al Sudan El Muhajir

Marvin X loves young people! He is a child in a man's body as John Bradshaw would say. He is full of passion, idealism, romanticism, but ever a free thinker, don't  even think about altering his thinking. Marvin X thinks while making love: "Wow, wouldn't it be better if there was another freak like you? Two freaks is better than one, right?"

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