Sunday, May 10, 2015

Support Reparations Initiative of Institute of the Black World

In the Spirit of Marcus Garvey, Support IBW’s Reparations Initiative

Dr. Ron Daniels, President of IBWDear Friend in the Struggle:
As predicated, the National/International Reparations Summit convened April 9th – 11th in New York by the Institute of the Black World 21st Century was truly historic, a potential game-changer that will fuel the global Reparations Movement for years to come. All across the Pan African world, heads of government, activists and scholars are stridently and effectively demanding repair of African people for the damages inflicted during the holocaust of enslavement, the trans-Atlantic slave trade and for enslavement during the colonial era. As a veteran proponent of reparations, I have never witnessed such energy, enthusiasm, optimism and momentum as was evident at the Reparations Summit.
I strongly urge you to take time to review the Final Communique, videos and photos in the multi-media package incorporated into this message [link below]. It’s the next best thing to being an eyewitness to history!
As stated in previous appeals, IBW urgently needs your financial support to expand the Reparations Movement in the U.S. in the months and years ahead. To reiterate, this is not an Initiative for which we had a budget, nor is it an Initiative that mainstream foundations and corporations are going to fund. The expenses for the Summit were just under $40,000 and through various fundraising appeals and contributions for individuals and organizations, we raised $34,000, leaving a deficit of $6,000.
In the spirit of Marcus Garvey, I am asking you to make a sacrificial, tax-deductible contribution/donation to erase the deficit and contribute toward the $150,000 needed to finance the follow-up to the Reparations Summit through the work of the National African American Reparations Commission over the next 12-18 months. We really NEED your support. If you have donated before, consider donating again and signing-up to make a monthly contribution. Thanks for considering this appeal. God and the Ancestors will surely bless you!
For the love of African people!
Dr. Ron Daniels, President
Institute of the Black World 21st Century

View Final Communique

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