Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Marvin X is Nazzam Al Sudan, Organizer of the Black Nation

Marvin X's first Arabic  and Islamic teacher  was Ali Sheriff Bey, who gave him the name Nazzam Al Sudan, Organizer of the Black Nation. A master of languages, Ali Sheriff Bey told Marvin  Nazzam means organizer, systematizer,  one who creates an original mythology with the body of his work.

We know you agree Marvin X is writing his mythology before our very eyes. He wrote his memoir of Black Panther Minister of Information Eldridge Cleaver on the internet, day by day, chapter by chapter; in three weeks; the man he introduced to the Black Panthers, the man he'd visited in Soledad Prison as part of a visit of Black Dialogue Magazine staff arranged by Cleaver's lawyer Beverly
  Axelrod.When Eldridge returned from exile, as with his release from prison, again, the first person he hooked up with was Marvin X. When they established the Black House, Marvin was the secretary, one who controlled communications. He had control when anybody called Eldridge at the Black House. Calls from Cleaver's lawyer/lover came through Marvin X; calls from the man Eldridge mentored Bob Avakian of the RCP or Revolutionaruy Action Party, Marvin transferred to Eldridge.
Marvin X says the most dangerous motherfucker in any organization is the secretary. This is the motherfucker who knows everything. As per Eldridge Cleaver, I probably know more about him than any man. I taught him how to tie a tie. He paid me to organize his ministry the Eldridge Cleaver Crusades, but the supreme irony was that his chore staff were Black Muslims, the only Blacks who were fearless enough to work with him. The Christian Blacks were in mortal fear they were going to get killed for fucking with white man. As we know, the majority of Negroes or North American Africans are mortally afraid of the white man. So Cleaver's core staff were Black Muslims because they were fearless.

In order to advance his ministry, he used the Muslims as props while giving his testimony. The Muslims didn't care because they were getting paid, so he told Christian audiences that he had saved these heathen --and the Christians, Born Again Christians, ate it up like a hog eating slop/

We did not know our  visit to Soledad Prison Cultural Club was the beginning of the American Prison Movement. WE could see when we entered the meeting inside Soledad Prison that the brothers had organized a revolutionary organization inside the prison. Prison Movement Kumasi says while the masses were having their revolution in the streets, the brothers in prison were having our revolution. It was clear to us the Eldridge Cleaver and Alprintis Bunchy Carter were fully in charge of the Black Culture Club. Any brother in prison would tell you it was kill or be killed, so we must understand lessons learned in prison were practiced when brothers got on the outside. In the Black Panther film Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, Marvin X says, "Do you think a personality such as Eldridge Cleaver would not impose control in anhy organization?"

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