Saturday, May 23, 2015

Photo essay by Afrah: Marvin X ends Chicago tour at South Shore recording studio

After reading at Chicago's African Liberation Day, Winnie Mandela High School in South Shore, the indefatigable poet ended his Chicago tour at the recording studio. At ALD, he performed For the Women and Amiri Baraka's classic DOPE.

African Liberation Day marchers

The ALD audience was ecstatic. They approached Marvin X after his reading by reciting lines from AB's poem:
It must be the devil
it must be the devil
it must be the devil
cain't be rockefeller....
it ain't the police
must be the devil
must be the devil
ooowow, oooowow.....

 Poet Lasana Kazembe accompanied Marvin X on this communal project, including an  upcoming CD.

Letter from Dr. Lasana Kazembe
Bro. Marvin X,

Peace. It was truly a pleasure meeting and reading with you at Eliel's place last Saturday (Transition East) in Chicago.

We are looking forward to forging something positive and powerful in the space.

Please take good care. Talk soon.




Lasana Kazembe, Ph.D.

"A person is a person because there are people."
Marvin X replies to Lasana Kazembe
Dear Brother,
I am overwhelmed by the hospitality and love in your community throughout my visit,
from the University of Chicago, African Liberation Day and our recording session. I was on a majic carpet ride and floated all the way back to the BAY AREA. The chauffeur was on time departing and the plane was on time, and when I arrived in Oakland, the person who picked me up at the airport wasn on time. What more can one ask in this life? Again, you brothers were beautiful and you should know I appreciate you all who participated in the recording session and I know this project will be a positive contribution in the Black Arts Movement tradition. Peace and Love, Marvin X
 Marvin X reading Amiri Baraka's Dope

Chicago musicians and poet Kazembe accompanying BAM Master in recording studio: left to right Marvin X, Eliel Sherman Storey, sax, David Boykin, sax, Tony Carpenter, percussion, Lasana Kazembe, poet

 Marvin X reading from his collection Land of My Daughters

 Sax men  Eliel Sherman Storey and David Boykin

 Marvin X, Toney Carpenter, percussion and poet Kazembe
Marvin X reading What is Love and Dreamtime

Marvin X leaves Chicago to be a featured author at the Sacramento Black Book Fair, June 5, 6,7, 2015. The poet and his Chicago artists are available for concerts  nationwide. Call 510-200-4164.

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