Friday, August 7, 2015

I agree with Donald Trump, "Too hell with politically correctness!"

Donald Trump

 Donald Trump is Marvin X in white face and rich!--Elliot Bey, Philadelphia

Sun Ra taught, "Marvin you so right you wrong!" Such are those in the PC camp. "Don't say the b word, N word, P word, MF word, really, don't say shit." Isn't this why Christ Rock stopped doing concerts at colleges and universities? He said students are so politically correct you can't say shit. Ain't nothing funny to these little ignut motherfuckers who've read two books. They have no sense of humor. Maybe they got this PC bullshit from the adults on the Left, most of whom have no sense of humor. At least the Right wing assholes are funny, one must admit their shit is so stupid it's funny. They're so addicted to white supremacy they don't know they're addicted to white supremacy.

Amiri Baraka taught us in the Black Arts Movement, "If you mean get off the sidewalk, say get off the sidewalk!" Fuck a PC way to say some shit. Call a spade a spade, no innuendo, circumlocution, metaphor.

While we don't agree with Donald Trump's pronouncements, we are yet in the tradition of the Black Arts Movement where freedom of speech was practiced--we were threatened with arrest by the San Francisco and Oakland police for the language in our plays and poetry. Even today, the Black culture police are out and about, snatching the mike from me at every turn. Most recently they gave me an award then immediately snatched the mike before I could finish my remarks. We see what happened to the Chief Black Culture Police, Bill Cosby! As Sun Ra said, "Sometimes you so right, you wrong!"--Marvin X

Donald Trump’s Politically Correct Bullies

Billionaire businessman and Presidential candidate Donald Trump has the courage to talk about one of the most serious problems facing America today: illegal immigration.
In doing so, he also boldly attacked an equally serious problem: political correctness. The PC disease has poisoned our language, and makes it impossible to speak in plain English about our challenges as a nation.
For all the crap that politicians spew about wanting to help people, you would think that preventing violent criminals from entering the country illegally would interest them. Instead, the political correctness police have pounced on Donald Trump, much like Chihuahuas, from all corners of American politics.
  • Reince Priebus, the weasel Chairman of the Republican National Committee, called Trump and politely told him shut-up (or “tone it down”).
  • Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio called Trump’s remarks “offensive and inaccurate.”
  • Candidate Jeb Bush said the “extraordinary ugly kind of comments [were] not reflective of the Republican Party,” and that he was personally offended. (You see, Bush is married to a Mexican woman. We say: so what?)
  • Major GOP donor John Jordan wants Trump banned from the Presidential debates. That’s real mafioso of you, Mr. Jordan.
And those are the Republicans!* The GOP’s complicity through silence is undoubtedly because the Chamber of Commerce’s greedy desire for cheap labor.
The Democrats and their media allies, meanwhile, have orchestrated a broad smear campaign that is targeting Trump’s business interests. Already he’s lost several lucrative deals.
Where are all Tea Parties? Why aren’t they rallying to defend Trump from the GOP PC-bullies? The issue of illegal immigration is too important. The national network of Tea Parties can and should make their voices heard RIGHT NOW, while it counts!

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