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Malik Zulu Shabazz on the beating of Dhoruba bin Wahad

Received by email Aug 23, 2015

Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz on the Dhoruba Bin Wahad Incident & Criticism On BPP/BLA History 

Dhoruba bin Wahad was hospitalized after the Aug. 8 attack with ...

Official Statement of Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz on the Dhoruba Bin Wahad controversy

On August 8, 2015 I was speaking in Atlanta as an invited guest at the New Black Panther Summit on Police Terrorism and explaining my experiences from the streets and combatting the police brutality in Ferguson, Baltimore, South Carolina as well as inside the courtroom since last year. I was speaking on my 27 years on the front lines.

Dhoruba Bin Wahad and Kalongi Jima Changa plotted to disrupt and conduct "operation shutdown" to stop my speech and to shutdown the NBPP summit.

DBW and KJ led a group of at least 8 armed men to the stage to take the stage and to take me physically off the stage and shutdown the panther summit.

DBW AND KJ detailed their plan to stop the NBPP summit and MZS in their pre summit press release "Operation Shutdown" and other communication sources where DBW and KJ shockingly believed they had exclusive control of the police brutality issue and NO OTHER GROUP would be allowed to have a meeting on that subject unless they had the approval of DBW and KJ. A form of Black facism in the Black community. KJ was convicted of a similar offense in the Black community in 2005 by the POCC under the leadership of Fred Hampton Jr.

DBW has a 45 year history of armed intimidation against political figures in the Black community he does not agree with. DBW started his disputes by bucking the Black Panther Party founder, Honorable Huey P. Newton in 1971 and opposing his leadership. The legendary Sam Napier, BPP newspaper editor in New York, was a tortured, kidnapped and a murdered casualty to this tragic conflict. DBW has admitted in books and interviews to "feeling like a Black cop" while executing actions against Black drug dealers and other figures he does not like. True indeed. DBW has suffered in prison and committed heroic acts and been targeted by cointel-pro. All that is true. But none of that is a pardon or pass for his extensive acts and attempts of aggression and intimidation in the Black community.

I have sat with DBW many times. At one point he was like a big brother to me. But the political opposition to the very existence of the NBPP by some BPP turned him harshly toward me and now towards the NBPP. DBW's "OPERATION SHUTDOWN" was a wild and desperate and irresponsible and reckless attempt to physically harm me and physically take over the New Black Panther annual Summit with his armed posse.

Therefore, knowing DBW history and his current intentions, I suspected an AUDUBON BALLROOM type of situation was developing. Minister Malcolm X was assassinated in the Audubon Ballroom.

I spied the takeover plan and plot as I was speaking and asked DBW to wait and I would deal with his issues. As I have sat with him many times to discuss issues and as I have a long track record of patiently answering any questions asked of me at at a public event.

In the middle of my keynote speech, with his squadron of armed men at the stage, DBW, in response to my simple request for him to wait until I completed my speech and I would answer his question; DBW screamed at the top of his voice , "NO NIGGER WE GONNA DEAL WITH THIS SHIT NOW NIGGER!" and DBW moved to take over.

Instinctively and self defensively I said, without yelling, "get his ass out of here". I was simply asking for him and his group of armed sizable men, to be escorted from the room. This was a general request made to hotel security or anyone who would help. I do not have any supervisory authority or control over the New Black Panther Party. The New Black Panther is under the capable leadership of Minister Hashim Nzinga, my and Dr. Khallid Muhammd's former chief of Staff. I am the National President of Black Lawyers for Justice.

After my request to have DBW and KJ and their squad of. men removed from the stage, I was solely focused on scanning the room for the possible gunman or whoever was sent to physically attack me. I do not know what happened in specific to DBW amongst the crowd.

Reports from eye witnesses says that DBW threw a punch at his escort, which then caused a reaction and a fight between NBPP AND DBW squad members and a melee ensued.

Other eyewitnesses say DBW had a knife or dropped a knife and that's what set everything off. An NBPP Investigation is pending.

So brothers and sisters this is what really happened. A physical plan to attack my person and to shutdown the NBPP was hatched by DBW and KJ. It went terribly wrong for DBW and KJ. These were risky and grossly reckless, aggressive actions by DBW and KJ. Their actions put not only my life at risk but also Nation of Islam and several hundred Black community children and women at risk.

DBW strategy was risky and dangerous and filled with emotion and hatred for his own brothers. He must take responsibility for his own reckless actions. I hate what happened, but bear no responsibility. Responsibility lies squarely with DBW as the aggressor and initiator and the misleader of his men .
DBW acted in the manner of a gangster a thug and a fascist. And his actions are in line with the aims and objectives of the counterintelligence program. His actions fit the COINTELPRO Pattern to disrupt and cause fighting amongst Black groups.

DBW actions could have set off a wider war. DBW attacked me and I am a member of the family of the Nation of Islam and I am a close son of Minister Louis Farrakhan and I am the real son of Dr Khallid Muhammad. DBW duped members of the 5 per centers into his plan and we have nothing but love for the Nation of Gods and Earths. Also we have never had any physical incidents with BPP members despite some issues between us.

So therefore DBW actions were reckless and could set off adverse actions all across several Black organizations. So yes, I ask the question, "who is DBW working for? And is his work In the BLA haunting him or hanging over his head?" Why is DBW so obsessed with me and the NBPP? Why does DBW track my cities and my speeches and plot his plans and operations with an intense hatred and focus on me ? Why me? Why is the real enemy all over my back and uncle toms nationwide DBW at the same time. Why? I ask myself why?

DBW did not conduct himself as an elder. He acted as a thug and gangster and he set off a tragic chain of events with his aggressive and provocative actions. DBW did not act as a wise elder. He acted like a young gangster moving against his rivals in 1971.

In conclusion, check my track record. I am not a thug nor am I a gangster. I have no record of bringing harm to Black people. I am a patient man and a gentle man but I am not a weak man and I am not a punk. I will secure my safety and I will defend my self. I have a divine duty to safeguard my life because my life is not my own my life belongs to God and the Black Nation and I am needed on duty to help our people. I will NOT submit to anyone's assassination attempt.

If you doubt any word I say contact eye witnesses who were at the event. Contact Mukasa Ricks. Mukassa Ricks is the founder of Black Power and a right hand to Kwame Ture. Mukassa is an original Panther from Lowndes county. Elder Mukassa saw it all and has officially ruled against DBW and his actions as being at fault for this tragedy.

In the 60s some Panthers did the same thing to Stokley Carmichael. They accused Kwame Ture and his men of being racist and "too Black " and reactionary. Even though Kwame and his men organized the Panther Party for them nationwide. They verbally and in writing, attacked Kwame Ture, called him an agent, and they disrupted his meetings. Sadly some BPP kept harassing and attacking US and Dr Maulana Karenga, saying they were "reactionary cultural nationalists" and making attempts to forcibly shut Black Nationalists down.
History is repeating itself.

This is an official statement of Malik Zulu Shabazz, esq

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