Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I Am

by Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD
I have a majick life
unlikely but true fiction
worthy times are mine
I have a majick life
attracting the miraculous
the preciously unpredictable
surrounded by confirmation
unfolding from nothing
taller than MT Thai
on time every time in time
& it rhyme a lucid dream of a life
end of the rainbow and back again
lavish Godz overflowing abundance
here glowing touched by ancestors
blessed I have a majick life
I attract majick beings in
process  of
miracle making walking like
everyday ordinary folk extraordinary
reality for real done seen 'em walk on
water and turned it to wine
& live to remix the story
been touched by soothsayers
embraced by prophets
mentored by genesis
talked to by the dead
fed by the universe
blessed to serve light bread
feeding many being fed by many
in the womb of the circle remembering
rich beyond measure not weighed down
by the material praying to birds who
carry messages to other realms
answers delivered gratefully received
meant to be shelter arms open
candles lit doors unlocked embracing
I am that I am who I was sent to be
and so it is and shall be
oil on the door
cowrie in my pockets
pennies on the door steps
miracles happen here

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