Sunday, August 30, 2015

Parable of a Mad Mother



She was a sick mother who hated her daughter because she was not a boy. She had three sons but found her daughter disgusting, a little bitch with a pussy like mine. I love my boys but that little bitch gotta go.

So she persecuted her daughter at every turn, locked her in her room, beat her daily and starved her. Mama was a sick puppy who came from the womb of a sick mother who was mentally ill and illiterate. Fuck them books, she told her children. Don't bring nothing home from that damn school.

Them motherfuckers don't know shit. I know everything ya'll need to know. Listen to what I tell you. She told her children they would never be shit, just like their no good daddy, a dope fiend ass motherfucker who loved dope more than he loved her and his children.

Every time I look at that little bitch daughter of mine, I get sick cause she looks just like her daddy.

I'm so happy my boys look like me. They my pride and joy, not that little bitch lookin'  like her no good motherfuckin daddy. Left me here with these four kids so he could do his dope. I wish that motherfucker soon have a heart attack and overdose so I can have some peace in my life. Yeah, I lock that little bitch in her room, think I wanna see her. I don't want to look at her ass lookin like her fuckin daddy. Give me a motherfuckin break!

I wish Child Protective Services would come and get these little bastards, well, they can take that little funky ass bitch with her pussy. Yeah, I turned her on to my boyfriends, let them get at that bitch. She ain't good fa nothing, noway. What the hell she gonna be but a ho'? Little slut, yeah, I let my boyfriends get some of that ass, so what? Her pussy ain't gold! If I had my way, I'd sell that little slut. But my boys, I love my boys. They my pride and joy. And most of all, they look like me, not like their no good motherfuckin daddy.

How in the fuck can I deal with four kids in my mental state. I know I'm crazy. Ma mama is crazy. Ma grandma is crazy. Yeah, I come from a long line of crazy motherfuckin women who kicked they men's asses. That's right, we dominated our nigguhs. They didn't fuck wit us. Ma granny would shoot a nigguh before the sun came up. Mama would shot a nigguh fore the sun came down. Yeah, we some bad bitches, from a long line of bad bitches, all the way back to Great Granny C who came off the slave ship kickin ass. Better ax somebody. She told the white slave master she ain't doin a motherfucker thang and he can kiss her black ass, yeah, her unruly black ass.

Slave master didn't fuck with Great Granny C. She ran off the plantation and her master put her ass on a wanted sign:
Dead or Alive
Uppity Wench 
 recalcitrant, incorrigible 
yellow black wench
Will not follow orders
Must beat her daily
Intelligent even though she can't read
good child bearer but must be watched so she don't kill her babies
Contact Master Jackson

 --Marvin X
August 30, 2015
Oakland Cali

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