Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Time, poem by Marvin X

Run out of time

People living like they got forever
but tomorrow is almost here
afraid to enjoy the blessings of God
afraid to love to be loved
blindly praying when God has already answered
look at your children
growing learning asking wanting seeking
make a world for them
make your mark in history
it's hard to struggle sacrifice
our women don't like it
our children don't like
but we push on
gotta have ma freedom
gotta have ma freedom today
rewards few hours long
we wonder where years went
children tell us
they have not learned to lie
we wonder what will they be
what path have we cut for them?
what roads have we mapped
there are snakes in the jungle
lions in the forest foxes in the woods
what roads are safe
what are the magic words of life
what is the message of our ancestors?
Don't you hear them calling, saying rise up be free
rise up
don't give up
rise up
don't give up
--Marvin X
from Selected Poems, Al Kitab Sudan (Black Bird Press), 1979.

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