Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Part One: How a Black Girl from Oakland Got to Ghana, West Africa

Left to Right, Nisa Ra, mother of Muhammida; Mrs. Amina Baraka and Muhammida El Muhajir

Born in Berkeley CA, Muhammida El Muhajir, spent her earliest years in the Bay Area schooling in Oakland and San Francisco before moving to the East Coast.

After receiving a full track scholarship to Howard University (B.S., Microbiology), she began traveling the world in the tradition of the family name El Muhajirs (the pilgrims). She was selected as an International Fellow at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) in Accra, Ghana where she provided business development for Ghanaian and Nigerian tech startups and young entrepreneurs. “Working with MEST has given me an opportunity to work in Africa with some of the continent’s most brilliant minds while also being connected to Silicon Valley (where Meltwater corporate is based) and the global tech community.”

When asked about working and living in Africa, she recently told Ebony.com, "Ghana may not have electricity 24/7 but I can go to the high class stores and hotels and not be followed around. It is refreshing to live in a society where race does not dictate every aspect of my life."

I have been traveling to Africa since I was 15 so it's not new to me. I am very much at home here, as I am in any of the countries I have frequently visited and worked as an event producer, including Brazil, Japan and France. 

Muhammida’s international endeavors also include her work as a filmmaker producing the ground breaking documentary, “Hip Hop: the New World Order” which explores the global impact of hip hop music and culture.

She has presented at The United Nations, Oxford University and UC Berkeley. Her works have been incorporated into the curriculum at The New School, The University of Sheffield (UK) and Harvard University.

Links: meltwater.org

Producer of Keyshia Cole Day in Oakland, Frank Ogawa Plaza, she enjoys a moment with her father whom she hired to write and recite a poem to bring Keyshia on stage.

Muhammida  with  Ghanian poets and rappers: Block, EL, Muhammida, Reggie

Muhammida and Mary J. Blige on a project to stop human trafficking of young women

Daughter Mahadevi speaks French and Mandarin

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