Friday, August 7, 2015

UPDATE: The Black Arts Movement District along the 14th Street corridor


We will gladly support your efforts and invite you to also join the group that is convening to assist. Casey has done a lot of leg work on the formation and naming of the District to prepare the appropriate legislation.  We were unable to get the research completed last year and the first 6 months as president have been extremely demanding.

I am delighted to learn that you've engaged a group of stakeholders.  My efforts to name the 14th Street corridor is actually a bit broader than just Black Arts Movement.  As you may recall, before learning of your interest, we had begun the process of naming this corridor the Black Business Arts & Cultural District.  Since that's not a final determination it would be good to learn how we can align these efforts, not be duplicative or obstructive.

I'm on recess for the month of August.  Our next meeting is scheduled for September with the goal of introducing legislation before November.  Casey Farmer is my Legislative Director and is key in advancing this proposal forward.

We'll be in touch.

Best, Lynette

Sent by Council President Lynette Gibson McElhaney from my iPad

Left to Right: Dr. Leslie Stradford, Marvin X, grandson Jahamiel, Laney College President Elnora T. Webb, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf holding Marvin's granddaughter Naima Joy, Dr. Nathan Hare, Oakland City Council President Lynette McElhaney, Rt. Col. Conway Jones, Jr., at the Laney College celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Black Arts Movement, Feb. 7, 2015. photo Ken Johnson
On Aug 5, 2015, at 5:24 PM, Marvin X Jackmon <> wrote:
Mrs. Lynette McElhaney,
President, Oakland City Council

Dear Lynette McElhaney,

I write you because I am confused on where you stand as per the Black Arts Movement District you announced you would proclaim late last year. You told me then to let you get past the holidays. Recently, your assistant, Brigitte Cook, informed me that meetings would be held soon. This was a few weeks ago, since then I had the occasion to talk with you and you informed me you had other pressing matters. Aside from myself, there are many many people who are awaiting the creation of the Black Arts Movement District. I have talked with artists, vendors and business owners along the 14th Street corridor. They are urgently awaiting the creation of the Black Arts Movement District. I am therefore forming a BAM task force to work on the district which will be an artistic, cultural and economic area. We would like to have a Town Hall Meeting on the BAM District in the City Hall Chambers ASAP. Can you reserve the chambers for the Town Hall Meeting? Please let me hear from you at the earliest.


Marvin X,
Black Arts Movement District

Suggested Members for  the BAM District Task Force
Angela Davis
Fania Davis
Gregory Pete
Joyce Gordon
Paul Cobb
Dr. Ayodele Nzinga
Phavia Kujichagulia
Tarika Lewis
Vida Silva
Conway Jones, Jr.
Gene Hazzard
Adam Turner
Dr. Elnora T. Webb
Gay Plair Cobb
Cat Brooks
Malcolm Shabazz Hoover
Mechelle LaChaux
Tureada Mikell
If you would like to be part of the BAM Task Force, please let me know. Marvin X: 510-200-4164

Black Arts Movement Dream and Wishlist


I want to see artists and craft persons in the Black Arts Movement District along Oakland's 14th St., just as they are daily on Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue and San Francisco's Market Street. This will inspire entrepreneurship or do-for-self economics in our community, as well as inspire cultural consciousness. If youth can sell drugs, they can sell anything, legal goods, gear, music and educational tapes, books, healthy food and vegetables. I don't want to hear problems, I want to hear solutions! The cultural revolution is first, then follows the political revolution!--Marvin X
Black Arts Movement chief architect Amiri Baraka (RIP), Black Panther Party Co-founder Bobby Seale, BAM student Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, Ahi Baraka, and Marvin X at his Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland, in the heart of the BAM District.
photo Gene Hazzard

 Marvin X at his Academy of da Corner in the heart of the BAM District, 14th and Broadway.
photo Adam Turner

Black Arts Movement Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Black Arts Movement Proclamation from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

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