Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cornell West Goes OFF on Obama (Video)

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  1. Yes, I saw this yesterday, uncut, and without the equivocations of those 'Young Turks'. It helped me get through the day. 3 minutes of truth by one man against a nation of hypocrites.

    I have said before that if hypocrisy were a crime then the universe would not have enough space for jail cells and we would all greet one another as fellow convicts. But it is the depth of the hypocrisy and the pervasity of the corruption that is the broken heart of the matter.

    It is not just the President who is lying, it is the entire nation that is lying to itself; refusing to hear the voice of compassion; refusing to acknowledge the suffering, even its own.

    The President sits atop a vast blind and stupid machine. A machine built and designed to run on slavery, genocide and exploitation. That is its history and its nature. It knows nothing else; no morality applies to it, it has no capacity for wisdom.

    When it stops - or is stopped - there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.