Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In the name of love, a poem for Fresno

photo Ken Johnson

This is my land.
I own this land in the name of love
land of my ancestors
land of nat turner
land of sojourner truth
land of harriet tubman
I claim all of it
every inch of it
in the name of love
I claim the corn the peppers the almonds the peas
the raisins the cotton I claim
in the name of love
in the valley heat love is on the vines
hot love in the valley of my love
hot dripping love
I am the the vines the grapes
in the name of love
I return to the corn
there is love in the corn
all the valley is my love
the orchards the cows horses
I am this I am this love....
--Marvin X
from In the Name of Love, In the Land of My Daughters, Black Bird Press, 2005

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