Friday, January 11, 2013

Fresno Love Poems: To Yvette With Love

To Yvette With Love

You set the alarm clock for dawn
I didn't want to get up
floating on your love
but you said your kids
wouldn't understand
if they got up and found me
in your waterbed
you said they looked at you funny last night
when you put your feet in my lap
where have I been all these months
why didn't I write or call
If I think so much about you, you say.
and what could I say
Baby, you know how life is
just trying to survive
you sure are presumptuous of me
coming here
ain't called or nothing in months
after the rum  popcorn
after the weed
after the scoulding and holding
we retired
to her waterbed
her softeness
waterbed sloushing in the night
we floated as she told me
how good I felt
inside of my stuff in her stuff
she said
stay in me forever
and I said
whispering in her ear
kissing her lobes
I said
I want to stay
I want to stay

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