Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fresno, the Love Poems: Broken Record

I know the argument
the fears
haunting your mind
of long ago
all you sisters sing the song of hurt
but I like a challenge
what is greater
to right the wrongs
or sing a new song
I know it will never be the same
who cares for sameness anyway
drown me out
in your quest for identity
make me a skeleton make me a ghost
and I will haunt you
til you see the real me
loving me
but I know too
you can't see the real me
til you see the real you
so do your thing
find that thing in you that must come out
when you do
take time
look for me
I may still be here
or somewhere.
--Marvin X

from Selected Poems, Marvin X, Black Bird Press/Al Kitab Sudan, 1979.

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