Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fresno, the Love Poems: Tommy Smith

Say Man
I remember you
down in the valley
where old Mexicans
rode bicycles to town
Saturday mornings
and Mama fixed tacos
Saturday nights.

I remember you
on the basketball court
we played against you
on your team
you were the star
the only nigger
there were five of us
we used to laugh
Man, that nigguh's something else!
the devils fed you the ball
you made all the points
but you needed some brothers
cause we beat you most of the time.

I remember you
when you raised your fist
you and brother John
defied the West
in Mexico City
the Black Nation's proud
the Third World
for as you won
we shall win
we shall put our fists
in the devil's eye
we shall win
or we shall die.
--Marvin X

from Woman, Man's Best Friend, Black Bird Press/Al Kitab Sudan, 1973, San Francisco.

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