Friday, January 4, 2013

The Fresno Poems: "She So Sweet When She Sleep"

undefinedMarvin X
photo Kamau Amen Ra

for PY

She so sweet when she sleep
love looking at her
covers over head
won't let me in bed
except to put her to sleep
got to leave
sleep on couch
baby can grouch
if she don't get her sleep
insomnia nervous workaholic
trying to get it for self
miss independent
like ain't we all
but let her sleep
a terror awake
I can't take
but our moment of tenderness
tongue on breasts
down her valley of the Nile
she works me too
so sweet
let baby sleep
let baby sleep
so sweet
so sweet.
--Marvin X

from Love and War, poems, Marvin X, Black Bird Press, 1995.

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