Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Enemy of Self

You are your own worst enemy. If anyone shoots you in the foot, it will be you and you alone. Actually, you qualify for the mental institution since you are a danger to yourself and others. The most danger facing the Black man is himself, after which come his brother and his woman, then the white man. If he can become disciplined enough to out maneuver these forces, he shall see a brighter day, but most often he gets trapped in one of these black holes and find himself sinking into darkness.

At this moment, he must run for his life since mortal danger is on the horizon in the form of White Supremacy forces that are gathering like storm clouds to consume him since with the symbolic rise of the Black Man in America with the election or "selection" of Obama as President, we see the North American Africans have discovered  the world of infinite possibilities, while his perennial enemies are working to block him at every turn. See my Parable of the No People, Wisdom of Plato Negro, Marvin X, Black Bird Press, 2012.

It is when you think you are free that the devil pops up like Jack in the Box! Let us recall that after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued we descended to the hell of Reconstruction and the KKK. We foolishly disarmed ourselves of 200,000 Africans with guns and have suffered ever since. Thereafter we were mostly defenseless against violent acts of white terrorism and Jim Crow.

And so what that we have arrived at the Obama Era. Obama is not new on the horizon, his type is known throughout Africa and the Caribbean, reactionary leaders who do the bidding of globalism, even the war policies. Here is a man who keeps a list of people to kill, even American citizens! Then uses the  bible of Martin Luther King, Jr., the prophet of peace, for his second inauguration, while he is the complete opposite, a global killer for international finance and the military/industrial/prison/university
complex of institutions known as White Supremacy.

And so you must watch out for yourself, your black brother and the white man, but if you will only guard against being deceived you shall stay of the right path. You must maintain a modicum of discipline to get through the stormy sea ahead.

Maybe you thought the white man would change colors and become human after the liberation movements of the 60s, but it's business as usual with international finance, they have not wavered
it quest of the world of make believe and conspicuous consumption.

The question of guns is very much about you as it is about the mental breakdown of their children, yes, those suffering from the addiction to white supremacy. Of course we suffer the same, White Supremacy Type II (Dr. Hare). You have always been a threat to their white national security, after all, what is the mission of the slave but to overthrow his master by any means necessary. You know the slave or the African caught in the American slave system should be taking heads 24/7, so you programed him to self destruction, yes, a misplaced aggression. Today, he is indeed a danger to himself and others. And you have found that incarceration is the best place to contain him from carrying out any threats he may seek to carry out.

Unable to confront him, you turn to abusing your woman, wife, partner, beating her unmercifully as if she has done anything but love you and wash your funky drawers!

Jack, jump out of the box and stand tall.

By the Time, and what is the time? It is time to save yourself and your people, to do all you can to help them see the light of truth and love. It is time for you to wake up and play happy! Thankful and thoughtful you have the consciousness to understand your mission and purpose.
--Marvin X

Invite Marvin X for Black History Month 2013.

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