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Campaign to Bring Mumia Abu Jamal Home

Jun 30 at 12:17 PM
EMAJ Colleagues –
Mumia continues to send out commentaries from prison, this one, immediately below, on current journalists’ coverage of developments in Iraq.
Then below Mumia’s image, see the latest Minutes from Organizers in the Campaign to Bring Mumia home.
Mumia is at work, we are at work.
Keep on everyone,
ENTITLED: “Lessons Unlearned from History – Re: Journalists and Iraq”  
The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home

Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting
June 14, 2014, 2:25 - 5:25PM
Philadelphia, Church of the Advocate

I. April 24 - 26th Report Back (NY, Philly, Mexico, France, Germany)                             *See Agenda Handout
II. Goals for 2014 - 2015:  Convictions Review Unit, FOP, Mainstreaming Mumia's Innocence, Palm cards, Petitions            

Convictions Review Unit Announcement
·         D.A. of Philadelphia, Seth Williams, announced the opening of the Convictions Review Unit (CRU)
·         CRU provides opportunity to have Mumia's case brought back into the court with standard for new evidence being lowered
·         Continue building a movement locally, nationally, internationally that will put pressure on D.A.'s office to open Mumia's case
·         The representation body who presents the case of Mumia to D.A.'s office "has to be carefully chosen, so that they can't say no"
·         Important to develop a narrative campaign (innocence narrative of Mumia)
·         Strategy needs developing on how to pressure LDF to act                                                                                                             Proposals: 1.) Writing a letter to LDF which states the significance of                       CRU and states the argument for Mumia's innocence.           
             2.) Have Mumia, high profile individuals, and                                                     organizations sign the letter       
·         Important that we understand the specifics of the cases that are opened by D.A. office in order to show the similarities between opened cases and Mumia's --> Will increase pressure on D.A. to open Mumia's case
Goals Around Convictions Review Unit
1.) Forming a representative body to present Mumia's case to CRU
2.) Ensuring NAACP strongly pursues and supports the case to the CRU
3.) Direct actions towards Seth Williams that will increase pressure for him to open Mumia's case
4.) Recruit 10 high profile people who will be our CRU ambassadors
Goals Around FOP
1.)    Develop a short FOP Document that we can easily deploy in the future when the FOP rears its head (Response Plan)
2.)    Putting a face on FOP (what FOP represents, what it does, its impacts on people’s lives)
Mainstreaming Mumia’s Innocence
1.)    Target Racial Justice News Outlets to Cover our Mumia Narrative (b/w now & Dec.)
2.)    Popularize Kenneth Freeman Story
3.)    Mumia Freedom Bus in Philly (mobile museum)
Petitions & Palm Cards
1.)    Assign a couple of people to collect and mail palm cards
2.)    Establish monthly goals of how many petitions we want signed
3.)    Modernize tradition of street outreach in NY and Philly (palm cards and petition distribution)
4.)    Add signature line to palm cards
1.)    Dues/Membership Organization: Still need more suggestions on what processes would work best four our structure
2.)    Team of 4 (David, Jackie, Jeff, & Sophia) assigned the task of proposing a structure at our next meeting
3.)    Elders Counsel can serve as consultation body for new people to learn from older, more experienced folks
4.)    Assembling team that goes through every website that has Mumia info and ensure that info is correct
5.)    Agreed that we would need the following committees:
          Finance, Outreach and New Membership, Media/Communications

Although structure is in flux -- agreed that the following committees would be formed to proceed with immediate work, volunteers signed up and point people were assigned to each:

1. FOP Document = Johanna, Rebekah

2. Media/Communications = Jackie

3. Finance = Jamila, Gabe, Betsy

4. Convictions Review Work = Lee, Johanna, Charlotte, Patrice 

5. Narrative on Innocence = Jamila, Pam

6. Outreach and Membership = Jeff, Gabe, Carlito, Kamau, Frances, Sophia, Lee

Dr. Monteiro

Next Meeting, July 20th
Time & Location TBA

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