Sunday, July 27, 2014

Marvin X speaks: The Gaza Concentration Camp: KPOO Radio, 89.5FM: Tuesday, 10PM, Terry Collins Show

On Tuesday evening, 10PM, 89.5, KPOO FM will interview Master teacher/poet Marvin X on the GAZA concentration camp and why North American African must support Palestinians and all peoples liberating themselves from global terrorism by imperialism, colonialism, neocolonialism and apartheid known as Zionism and all forms of reaction, especially by the Arab and African ruling classes. Brother Terry Collins will conduct the interview with Marvin X. Catch Marvin X this weekend at Oakland's Art and Soul Festival. FYI, Marvin X says, "When you separate the art from the soul, it is a prescription for psychosis or a break with reality! Art reflects the soul or the lack thereof!" In his play A Black Mass, Amiri Baraka said of the devil, "Where the soul's print should be, there is only a pouch of disgusting habits." Marvin X's booth will be outside the entrance at 14th and Broadway, near Walgreens. 

KPOO Radio Presents
Tuesday, July 29, 10pm 

Marvin X speaks 

The Gaza Concentration Camp:

Why Blacks Must Stand with Palestinians
Terry Collins Show

KPOO 89.5 FM Radio, San Francisco

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