Thursday, July 17, 2014

Something Stinks

Somethin' stinks
around the world
somethin' stinks worse than the rotten meat Langston smelled
worse than a dead rat in the attic
worse than decaying bodies on the battlefield
stinks from sea to sea shore to shore
cross borders in all lands
the smell is overwhelming
enough to make one puke
something is very very wrong here
is there a gang of devils cooking Satan soup
smiling and grinning as they stir the giant pot
fumes spreading around the world
we see children running for their lives
woman flee and fathers
going they know not where
but the stench is overwhelming
no one can stand the stinking atmosphere for long
no matter how strong they are no matter how brave
maybe the devil's cooking Satan soup want us all dead
they want all the money
all the land
even the workers they want as slaves
how much can these devils consume
how much land, homes, yachts, cars, diamonds, drugs
do they need
the 1% that they are
is the stench simple greed
surely it is beyond wretchedness
surely it is beyond human
where is the heart of the heartless
is it the meat of the Satan soup boiled hearts
ah, the stench is too much
I cover my face my nose
my eyes hurt
is it some pepper spray unleashed around the world
the devils have agreed pepper spray is good for the people
pepper spray will make them behave
for sure this cannot last
we may need to flee
but we will return to confront the filthy fowl bastards in our midst
with their permanent wars permanent poverty permanent ignorance permanent lies called truth and history.
--Marvin X
The Los Angeles Black Book Expo nominates Marvin X to receive the LABBX Spoken Worlds Pavilion Humanitarian Achievement Award of the Year, for unlimited service to the community of Poetry and Spoken Word, educating and enlightening seekers of Truth. For your poignant and insightful works benefiting humanity and for your tireless search for Truth, Justice and Clarity of Thought.
--Denise Lyles-Cook, Director, LABBX Spoken Worlds Pavilion, Hollywood CA

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