Monday, July 28, 2014

Hamza El Din - Water Wheel (completo)

holy ghost music
ah through the Mississippi Delta you came
holy ghost
saved us in the night
from strange fruit
holy ghost music
forced us to not cut their throats
for strange fruit
we listened and learned
if not for music
they would all be dead
heads cut off
thrown in the Mississippi with good cheer
Al Hamdulilah!
Play Hamza Al Din
work the Holy Ghost in our hearts
we are children of the sun and the moon
play for us our music from the Hapi River
Blue Hapi White Hapi
but Hapi
no De Nile Hapi
sing Hamza
pluck your  Oud into our hearts again
hearts ravaged by fear and loneliness
but fear is true great monster by far
we can be alone but not lonely
I write alone
I ask my lover not to hang on my shoulder
I am paranoid
let me compose in peace
find something for you to do that you enjoy
do not look over my shoulder
But I want to see what you are doing
I've never seen anything like this before
let me watch you, please.

Sing Hamza
Play Hamza
--Marvin X

Around the same time the musicians were turning Black Arts West out to the African myth-rituals, we were turned on to Hamza El Din, the Nubian, by Ishmalah, the hat maker, who was denied entrance to the Mosque #26 because he made hypocrite hats! Many of the creative and artistic brothers were deemed hypocrites by the devil officials at the mosque, coast to coast. But Hamza took us home, back to Hapi, not Nile River, the Hapi River. We call the Nile De Nile, a state of mind that is the prime factor in our addiction to white supremacy. Nothing can happen until we come out of DE NILE and get to HAPI!

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