Thursday, July 17, 2014

Poem: Gaza Concentration CAMP by Marvin X

GAZA Concentration CAMP

There are those who say we must restore peace to GAZA
Peace in the concentration camp
Peace of genocide
Peace no protest allowed
Submit to starvation
stunted life 
hell on earth
No protest
peace before anything
Before justice
Before life even

Let the people of GAZA sing silent night
Holy night
All is peaceful
All is right
Under the shadow of death
Let there be peace
No justice
With boots on our necks
Mass murder but peace
At all costs
Hamas Rockets to no avail
Iron Dome is our gift from USA
Iron Domes is saving our asses

From land, air, sea you attack
Mighty Mouse you are
Iron Dome Mouse
Look at you
Wild wild West beast
No thought of justice
Just peace
Peace be still.
--Marvin X

The Los Angeles Black Book Expo nominates Marvin X to receive the LABBX Spoken Worlds Pavilion Humanitarian Achievement Award of the Year, for unlimited service to the community of Poetry and Spoken Word, educating and enlightening seekers of Truth. For your poignant and insightful works benefiting humanity and for your tireless search for Truth, Justice and Clarity of Thought.
--Denise Lyles-Cook, Director, LABBX Spoken Worlds Pavilion, Hollywood CA

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