Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Marvin X in Seattle WA, Saturday, July 12, 3pm., Life Enrichment Bookstore

The Human Earthquake will visit Seattle WA for a reading/booksigning at the Life Enrichment Bookstore, Saturday, July 12, 3pm. Marvin X has fond memories of the few months he lived in Seattle while working on his autobiography Somethin' Proper, Black Bird Press, 1998.

I was treated royally by the Seattle people, Black and White. I made a lot of money hustling Seattle's Homeless paper, $400.00 per day @ $20.00 per paper. I wish I could show the homeless brothers and sisters how to hustle in a big way. I don't make that much now selling my books. Maybe I should go back to selling the homeless paper.

When White women read my poster poem For the Women, they weeped on the street. Their reaction to my poem humbled me because it revealed the power of words, how words can move the heart. They wanted to know how a man was able to write such a poem. I told them many women had to suffer my physical, emotional and verbal abuse, especially the mothers of my children. Then too, my attitude changed when my three daughters grew into womanhood. I certainly would not allow any man to abuse them. And I saw my intellectual and spiritual consciousness expressed in my daughters as well as my sons, so I had to throw that patriarchal mentality into the dustbin of history, the notion that sons are more important than daughters. My daughters are the intellectual and spiritual match of any man! Of course, I give all praise to their mothers.

Amira, Nefertiti, Muhammida and Marvin X

We thank Seattle Wa for the invitation, especially Hakeem Trotter and the folks at Life Enrichment Bookstore, located at 5023 Rainer Ave. S, Seattle WA., 3pm.

Marvin X is still working on the 27 City Tour of the Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra.
For booking, please call 510-200-4164.

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