Tuesday, July 11, 2017

chris hall's love poem to his uncle marvin x

mrs. and mr. robin and chris hall

marvin x and oakland mayor libby schaaf
photo jahahara alkebulan

left to rt: paul cobb, dr. leslie stratford, rt. col. conway jones, jr.,  marvin x,oakland mayor libby schaaf holding marvin's granddaughter naeema joy, below, grandson jahmeel; laney college president elnora t. webb, dr. nathan hare, lynette mcelhaney, president, oakland city council
photo ken johnson

I got Jackmon in my blood

Marvin X has four living children and one son who preceded him in death.

There are some things only family can know. 
The great Marvin "X" Jackmon, one of the Leaders of the Negro, 
live Strong ,recreate for black Fate. 
Besides Trying to Understand a man against hate but will not WAIT to use it in a debate 

a man that 8 plus 1 one is what he comes from 

wasn't the oldest but defiantly the closest 

Uncle ollie is whole notha story, He was Quite the OG 
but back to the man with a plan . 

Peaceful Muslim at heart but still Christian in art 
continues to write books that preach but tend to reach. 
keep faith my brotha 
denounce hate my brotha 

you buried a brotha and sista in one year 
someone I was taught to fear 
but the reasons were unclear 
the world should see how I would be  
I wanna say thanks you see 
if it wasn't for the x man 
a father at heart
witty and sharp 
holds composure 
struggles with closure 
The war on segregation is over

I have known you my whole life  
growing up  thinking you didn't like nothin white 

thought you hated my mother
thought one half or another 

was never gonna be good or tough enough 

it was never quite there
when push came to shove. 

Speaking the word of love 
but my skin makes me only half good enough. 

House nigga that's what you  call me  But
yet you my blood n know nothin about me 

 I know how to stay woke 
but sometimes it feels good to lay down without the fear of early stroke. 

You know how it goes for black folk

turn on the blinders pretend 
the shit I read aint the shit in real life 
Worry bout my son gettin shot by police
In flat out malice 

You probably think that's why I married a girl that could easily be named Alice 

Life its hard to imagine 
tunnel vision 
quickly dismissing my right to be 
you got three daughters all of em queens
trust I've seen. 
tho it may seem a half white half black shouldn't be able to dream 
fearing the world may no longer divide 
instead unite 
have you heard your own  words?

you preach the opposite of a white supremacist 

but you will lead black men in herds to fight your battle 
what makes you different than the honky moving cattle   
what separates you from the man in the klan 
how come their demise has to be part of the plan 

battle against America so called land of the free 
yet when set free we grow to hate.

ya I said it. it's true 
hate to say it but think about ray curruth goggle him 
baller Allstar killed his own kin because his ignorance made him believe that'd help him win 

just like the negro used to live next door to me got caught up 
the sight I saw as he begged and pleaded
covered in blood shot in front  of my door
find him bleeding by another black man that keeps him from breeding 
it's apparent to me 
you and whitey or Abdullah Hussein 
different parts of the world calls you terrorist 
does that make them insane 
we live in a world each culture finds a reason 
to be the definition of vain 

Looks and verbiage turbans and capes 
Not heroes at all 

now readers and viewers don't take this poem wrong  
a letter  no no it's  a song 
of  love to my uncle Marv 

no one will understand being treated like I should play with the Otha white boys or kick back be black 
and discover the lack of which I was man of color 
took awhile but found out 
so now I'm letting the sound out 
So hear me shout
black haters trying to fuck the so called shit outta us niggers
as the African black man hates his own self  so 
all the punishment didn't deter him from raping a white lady who has his baby 
then feels too much responsibility runs down hills and trees 
Now that child faces hate from both sides 
Poor ol half breed 

Uncle Marv should I starve 
cause I'm light or called a nigger when I'm out of sight
1 2 3 4 I could count some more 
that's the number of fights over words 

I'm whiteafrican 
fuck the fact some times I get discriminated cuz someone thinks I'm actually Mexican 

I'm part German 
the part that thought gays jews and blacks were the closest thing to Vermin 
it could be simple  
you  see why its important to allow me to have my rite of passage 

my message 
to you brotha father grandfather uncle 
man black man  who is kin 
to me 
Gotta love the nigger and nazi in me 

heard your words that sparked thought 

like what if we put our minds off culture and color 
and blend one another 

it's because you fear we are too weak 
our minds don't show signs of elevating to the next level 

tell us to stay woke 

but shoot down any signs of peace and hope 
it's all right tho 
had a long night so 
you showed me love in oak town
thought I could provide you with som black nazi  poetry 
whose really not either as he sees him self for himself 
No I'm not oj or someone with that new playlist from jay z 
 I love you uncle seriously 
your heart your spirit 
feels reborn in me 
But what if I preach unity 
share my features with the evil white creature 

you my anti hero hero I want you to win 

because well you my  kin... 

you heard it a lot yes yes kin 

but you'll probably not gonna relate to your nephew 
cause of the different genetics that created white skin 
you family by dna 

never expected my offspring to become lighter then me 
but his mom had great energy 
it was meant  to be 
my god created me 
Can't you respect me?
hope you get chance to converse with me 
black love and god speed 
your nephew you know that house negro from Sac 
I'm from the  south to be exact (Georgia)
just hopes you will join me to bring end of hate and start spreading unity rather than call it diversity 
a place to call home
and see no history 
but aint afraid to speak or hear others' story
a grace land 
in which color is celebrated for all man 
in joy not separated with the intent of destroy destroy destroy
Tired of the whole
white versus black 
black versus white 
all hate the brown 
and the yellow 
So maybe you'll hear these words from this young fellow
--Your great nephew, Chris 

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