Monday, July 10, 2017

marvin x grandson at Dartmouth, summer class with dr cornel west

 James with dad, Houston, Texas attorney and Texas Southern University Business School Professor, Eric Rhodes.

 James in Paris, France

James speaks

Marvin X's oldest daughter, Nefertiti Jackmon, and son James, Dartmouth student

 Dr. West and Marvin X. He told his grandson to learn all he can from his friend, Dr. West. Carry his bags!

Dr. West with Nefertiti and Amira Jackmon, daughters of Marvin X. Nefertiti is Executive Director of the Austin, Texas Black Cultural District, Six Square; Amira is an attorney. Man on left is the Honorable John Douimbia, RIP, mentor of Marvin X and associate of Malcolm X during his "Big Red" days in Harlem. Photo is from The Kings and Queens of Black Consciousness, San Francisco State University, 2001, a Marvin X production.
photo Kamau Amen Ra, RIP

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