Sunday, July 2, 2017

jazz forever

jazz black classical music forever
let me have my sanity joy
jazz sun ra jc miles dizzy
milford graves mad drummer jazz
let me live in jazz world
wake up jazz night time jazz
children say oh dad yes
i named her naeema
think I didn't listen to your music
naeema joy
yes, dad, she was jazz to my soul
jazz i heard in yr house jazz
not mama music jazz
mad dad jazz
marijuana jazz
i heard in yr house
jazz dad yr jazz
sun ra crazy far out jazz
dad, i listened
i am jazz
yes, naeema jazz
jahmeel jazz
miles coltrane
beyond jazz jazz
your world jazz
other side of time jazz
black classical music you call it
ab calls it jazz
music of my mind
sitting still music
no standing
hip hop sounds
sitting still thinking music
then moving jazz
far out sounds on the other side of time
your buddy sun ra said
space in the place
beyond jazz sonny said
beyond time space jazz
no history only mystery
my story jazz
his story no jazz
his story mazz
mazz ain't jazz
jazz earle davis said is jazz blues
did he have bluese
cotton field blues
sugar cane cuttin blues
how he sing blues
lynching blues
auction block blues
how he sing auction block jazz/blues
triangular trade jazz/blues
king sold the farmer blues
kunta kenti toby blues jazz
mississippi delta muslim mali blues jazz
how he know jazz blues
maybe worker blues
trailer house trash blues
coal miner blues
treated worse than a nigger jazz blues
sing white boy blues
dolly parton blues
ass whippin blues
beer house blues
tobacco spitin blues
hog eatin blues
pain of a nigger blues
beyond mississippi blues
charley parker jazz blues
on the other side of time jazz blues
be bop be bop
hip hop
be bob
hip hop
blues in the present era
rap blues jazz
can't pass charley parker jazz
bird lives
no matter dope pain insane
white supremacy post slavery jim crow games
charley no strings cept for heroin gain
play charley play
like bessie smith say
kiss my black ass
kiss my black unruly ass
ofay white peckerwood motherfucker
kiss my black unruly ass
baraka say charley and bessie say
baraka say up against the wall
motherfucker up against the wall
humpty dumpty sat on the wall
had a great fall
all the kings horses
all the kings men
couldn't put him back together again
play Sun Ra
tell the devil he ain't shit
-Marvin X

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