Monday, July 3, 2017

Marvin X poem: Move The Movement Now!

Negus hate movement
even bowel movement
constipated in the mind
frozen in time
no amnesia here
no memory of there
Malcolm said you left your mind in Africa
go back seed of seed of seed of seed of seed
to first seed
untie knot in mind
fuck history get to mystery
yr story deeper than history
recall memory of things past
cause past ain't past
granny's dna in children
what did granny eat grandpa
conscious parents  reverse the trend
no mo negro children
conscious diets can reverse granny's soulfood
no fear in my children
dentist said nefertiti had no fear in his chair
first time in 30 years child no fear
nefertiti conceived in parental flight
jesus child
parents running from pharaoh in the night
refused to be pharaonic slaves
no fear parents no fear children

even in the now you're numb
fixated in fear and  nothingness
don't ask me bout black agenda
ask yo black ass what's the agenda
what you bringin to dinner table
at least bring some wine

let there be movement
how you get free
200,000 black troops moved on whitey
fucked up when we gave up guns
hamas no give up guns
hezbollah no give up guns
200,000 negus with guns
movement since ain't two cents
sisyphusian myth-ritual
up the mountain down up down up down up
movement michael jackson moonwalk at best
civil rights Sun Ra said civil rites
last rites at cemetery
move on down six feet ground move
no black move
scared shaking in boots
mental paralysis
no movement got you dialysis
move from static to dynamic
be fluid flow
wit da flow
--Marvin X

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