Saturday, July 15, 2017

unity and disunity of north american africans

Toward the Unity of North American Africans
Internal and External Sources of Disunity

Bay Area writers and journalists came together to honor the memory of assassinated Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey, a victim of Oakland politics, although Muslims were blamed. Chauncey was investigating police corruption and corruption in Mayor Jerry Brown's office. Jerry Brown is reported to have said, "I'm gonna get that nigguh from snooping around City Hall and the police department." Brown is now governor-elect of California.

The broad day light assassination of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey was but another project in the ongoing attempt to prolong the disunity of our community. The major benefactor
was not the Black Muslim Bakery brothers, the fall guys charged with his murder, but the political establishment, the police department and white supremacy America. Just as the USA benefited from the murder of Malcolm X, the political establishment in the Bay Area has driven a wedge between Muslims and the North American African community.

As per the bakery brothers, it is indeed ironic that Dr. Yusef Bey, founder of Your Black Muslim Bakery, and Chauncey Bailey were longtime associates and friends, especially at Soulbeat television where they both contributed to the station's success. Dr. Bey had a show, True Solutions, and Chauncey was the news director, so they had a long working relationship. But after Dr. Bey's transition, we are to believe that Bey's heirs considered Chauncey their mortal enemy because he was writings articles on their bankruptcy proceedings that were public information. This was a ruse instigated by the Oakland Police Department whose officer became the mentor and chief adviser of the bakery boys.

This officer was not only in charge of the crime scene, who refused to question an eye witness, brother Tony, but the officer led a raid on the bakery less than 24 hours of the assassination at 7:30 in the morning. The OPD raided the bakery and found the murder weapon and got a confession from a handy man. No murder in the history of Oakland has been solved so quickly, if we are dumb enough to believe the hype!

But are main concern is the divisiveness the police orchestrated murder caused in our community, especially in light of America's war against Islam. Christian blacks wanted nothing to do with Muslims, and blacks in general looked at Muslims with a jaundiced eye. Orthodox Muslims disassociated themselves from the Black Muslim Bakery brothers since they were not considered real Muslims in the first place. They were essentially followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad whose brand of Islam is not considered true Islam, just as Sunni Muslims do not consider Shia Muslims as real Muslims, or Ahmediahs. Alas, what is a true Muslim, Christian,Communist?

Of course some of this bitter division is residue from the assassination of Malcolm X. Many North American Africans are suffering post-traumatic stress syndrome from the 1965 Cointelpro murder of Malcolm. Intellectuals are still traumatized and grieving over the tragic hit on Malcolm and blame the Nation of Islam, even though police agents were his bodyguards and some of the hit men were allowed to escape capture by the New York police.

The degree of hurt and unresolved grief is so severe that intellectuals and scholars cannot write narratives on our modern history without revisionism, skipping from Marcus Garvey to Malcolm X in their narrative, deleting Elijah Muhammad's contribution and his mentoring of Malcolm, along with Muhammad Ali, Farrakhan, Warith Din Muhammad, and thousands of others who came into black consciousness, including myself, due to Elijah's Message to the Black Man.

We know the FBI's mission was to stop the rise of a black messiah who could unify North American Africans, thus all black leaders were objects for elimination by the US government: Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Kwame Toure (Stokeley), H. Rap Brown (Imam Jamil Alamin), Huey, Eldridge and Bobby of the Black Panthers. Who murdered Fred Hampton, Jr.? Who tracked Mumia Abu Jamal from the age of 14?

The last thing America wants is a unified community of North American Africans. Have no doubt, our unified vote is the primary reason that so-called Negro is in the White House. Our unity can and ultimately will change the history of the world. This is how powerful we are. One need only recall the powerful effect of the Million Man March. Imagine if those million men had pooled their resources and were able to develop an organization. We would have been a frightening force similar to that million man army in North Korea! We would then be able to call all shots in our community. Nothing would move until the million men gave their approval. No drugs, no prostitution, no wife beating, no rape, no disrespect of elders, no children dropping out of school because they were bright enough not to be duped by a white supremacy curriculum, since the million men would ban such from being taught, in colleges and universities as well.

We talked with a brother in Philly not long ago who has several Stake and Take restaurants. We asked the brother why is it so difficult for us to unite? He said if we united, all the guns of the white man would turn on us. My friend, elder, comrade and associate, Amiri Baraka puts it thusly, "In the end the Negro will be the terrorist!" Look who's being arrested for terrorism these days, who's being entrapped and conspired upon by the US government?

In spite of all the above dirty tricks, we are confident there shall be unity, even if as Elijah said, we must force black unity! Yes, just as sometimes we must force a husband and wife to stop fighting and come together, we must be proactive about unity in the community, although I have suggested there must be a program of detoxification and recovery from our trauma and unresolved grief. Otherwise we ain't going around the corner with each other. I don't trust you, Negro! You don't know me like that! I don't even trust myself! Elijah told you don't trust no one.

This is war, the enemy is pervasive with snitches everywhere, agent provocateurs, undercover agents.
Somehow, we must process our paranoia, our fears, lack of trust, lack of desire of forgiveness, especially when we have all done wrong and been wronged. He who is without sin cast the first stone, Jesus told you. So ain't no Holy Joe's up in here. We all got some funk on us--yeah, it's funky up in here. Ain't it funky now, JB said.

Malcolm told you to transcend your petty differences. The hatred we have for each other is a joke since no black person has done to us what the white man has, yet we love the white man and hate the black man. This is sick, insane, and we need to go somewhere to get a healing. Go to Africa, if it will help you, go to Jamaica, anywhere to heal, go to Mecca, Jerusalem, then come home ready to rock and roll like we did last summer!
--Marvin X

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