Sunday, July 30, 2017

Parable of the Bitch Package by Marvin X

Parable of the Bitch Package

Every dope fiend wants the bitch package because the bitch package is fat, often double the size of the package given to males, mainly because the dope man wants to get at the bitch, get to the pussy, so when the bitch comes to buy dope, he will juice her package so he might have a shot at the pussy. He will never give the male the bitch package unless the dealer is gay, but usually the male dealer will automatically give a female a little extra. The female knows that if she comes to the dope man with five dollars she can get ten dollars worth of dope, if not more. Of course if she turns a trick with the dope man, she can get dope in exchange for her funky thang!

When I was a Crack fiend and brothers had to cop for me since I didn't know the dope man, I would tell my friend, "Tell that nigguh to give you the bitch package, tell him you got a bitch outside so he will juice me up," and most times it worked. Of course this is sexual or gender discrimination in the dope game, but it is what it is!

FYI, in terms of psycho-linguistics, as language is fluid and dynamic, the term bitch came to mean a male and/or female. As per dope recovery, we believe in the harm-reduction model, not total abstinence  since most dope fiends relapse from time to time. Furthermore, drugs should be legalized, prostitution as well!
--Marvin X

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